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"It is well built and dependable...just what you want for your home."

Chef Matthew Borchardt


Matthew Borchardt

Name: Chef Matthew Borchardt, Director
L'Ecole Academy
48" Range, wall mounted salamander

A native of St. Louis, Matthew's family moved to Connecticut when he was in grade school. One day, when Matthew was a young teen, he asked his mother for $20.00. She quickly suggested that he "get a job". Matthew rode his bike to the local diner, obtained a job, and never looked back. Matthew's combination of talent and determination, in combination with the right mentors, made him a self taught success in the culinary world.

Returning to his hometown, Chef Borchardt was hired at L'Ecole Culinaire as Chef Instructor. He was promoted quickly to Associate Director and finally to Director before starting the newest arm of the school, L'Ecole Academy. This move, to the Academy side of the school, means his students are not training to be culinary professionals, they are training to be better home cooks. At L'Ecole Academy, Chef Borchardt writes the curriculum for 150 or so classes, instructing the home cook in a wide variety of topics, from Mother Sauces to Butchering to Culinary Boot Camp, depending upon the applicant's interests.

Chef Borchardt loves the look of accomplishment on a home cooks face when he or she roasts a pepper over an open flame, or peels and deseeds a tomato for the first time It is always a joy to teach a simple sauce a student can master and use immediately....Hollandaise, anyone? Chef enjoys instructing on clarifying and browning butter. These are magic tricks for the home cook, offering so many uses.

Matthew Borchardt, Full Disclosure

Favorite Ingredient: Chef Borchardt likes pork and added that he and his wife are big fans of Asian cuisine. (Chef likes garlic as well...garlic is a rockstar..what's not to like?)

Favorite tool: No one who cooks for a living can be without their favorite knives and this Chef says Wusthof!

Why BlueStar: Chef Borchardt carefully choose BlueStar because he appreciates the best in high end residential equipment. He recognizes BlueStar's commercial quality, and the fact that the equipment is comfortable and approachable for his students. "It is well built and dependable...just what you want for your home."

Unusual item in the tool box: The tourné knife is a favorite. In Chef's knife skills class, a student may learn to tourner (toor-nay; "to turn" in French) This tricky cutting technique results in a football shaped finished product (example: carrots, potatoes, turnips, beets) with seven equal sides and flat ends. It is a complicated procedure and will take practice to obtain consistent results. If and when you can quickly torurner, you are a knife skills wonder. (Demo this trick at a dinner party and you will surly be invited back.)

Click here to visit the website for the L'Ecole Academy

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