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The burners are wonderful. The range is very easy to clean and very pretty to look at!"

Christine Silver - South Orange, NJ

Owner of a BlueStar 30” Freestanding Gas Range (RNB304B - Sapphire Blue)

BlueStar Survey

At BlueStar, we're always looking to improve our products and we value our customers' input. We'd love to hear from you regarding what you like about your BlueStar and what you'd like to see improved – or even what sorts of new products you'd like to see.

Please note that this survey is for general feedback only. For service requests, please use our service request form.

    Section One

  1. Please select the kind of appliance you are requesting services for(*)
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  2. Where did you purchase your BlueStar appliance?
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    (please provide the name of the dealer, along with their city and state)
  3. How old is the appliance?(*)
    Please enter the age of your appliance.
  4. Please provide the product purchase date.(*)
    Please enter the purchase date.
  5. What model is your appliance?*(*)
    Please enter the model number.
    (For example, 36" RNB. If you're not sure of the model, please refer to the product's data plate. The data plate is located on the inside left wall of the unit. For free standing ranges and cooktops, if you remove the left burner grates and look at the inside left wall, you will see the data plate. For the salamander, it is located behind the access panel on the right side of the unit.)
  6. What color is your appliance?(*)
    Please enter the color of your appliance.

    Section Two

  1. Overall, how satisfied are you with your BlueStar?(*)
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  2. What do you like most about your BlueStar?(*)
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  3. How likely would you be to recommend BlueStar to a friend?(*)
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  4. What other product(s) would you like to see from BlueStar?
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  5. How would you rate your BlueStar for the following attributes?
  6. Overall product performance
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  7. Power
    Invalid Input
  8. Simmer
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  9. Specifically, Oven Performance
    Invalid Input
  10. Specifically, Cooktop Performance
    Invalid Input
  11. Durability
    Invalid Input
  12. Overall Look / Appearance
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  13. Ease of Installing
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  14. Ease of Cleaning
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  15. Please use this box to give us any other feedback
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    Section Three

  1. The following information is used to information grouping purposes only
  2. Are you Male or Female?
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  3. What is your age?
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  4. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
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  5. What is your total household income, including all earners in your household?
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  6. How many people live in your household, including yourself?
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  7. Please enter the code:
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