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I love my new BlueStar stove! I bake a lot and it holds so much, I just love it and I love that it's turquoise!”

Janet Lomartire - Boston, MA

Owner of a Turquoise, BlueStar 30" Freestanding Gas Range (RNB304BSS)

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Upcoming Events & Demos

Test Drive a BlueStar at Home & Farm Appliance Center
13 February 2016, Rutland, VT
Test Drive a BlueStar at Henry's Electric
13 February 2016, Lee, Massachusetts
Test Drive a BlueStar at Dave's Appliance
13 February 2016, Winthrop, ME
Test Drive a BlueStar at The Cabinet enCounter
13 February 2016, Lebanon, NH
Test Drive a BlueStar at Beach Sales
13 February 2016, Revere, MA
Test Drive a BlueStar at Adaptations Unlimited
13 February 2016, Newington, NH
Test Drive a BlueStar at AAA Appliance
13 February 2016, Boston, MA
Test Drive a BlueStar at Artisan Kitchens
13 February 2016, Buffalo, New York

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