Alison Victoria’s House Reveal

Alison’s Kitchen

“I’ve designed over 140 kitchens, so if I don’t know what I’m doing here, then I don’t deserve to win,” said Alison. “I know what’s going to up the value of any property — the kitchen being the most important.” A nine-season Kitchen Crashers alum with a knack for mixing vintage pieces with modern design, Alison was ready to rock (and win) the kitchen challenge.

Alison Victoria on HGTV's Rock the Block

The Kitchen: Before

Alison knew exactly what she had to do to transform this lackluster kitchen into a room that buyers couldn’t refuse. Her strategy? Use the same sophisticated, high-end finishes from her master suite renovation to totally transform this bland, builder-grade cook space.

Alison Victoria on HGTV's Rock the Block

The Kitchen: After

To achieve this “dripping in luxury” look, Alison installed floor-to-ceiling Shaker-style cabinets, a stone slab backsplash, a kitchen island with a quartz waterfall countertop and a commercial-grade stove topped with a custom brass hood. Although she spent the biggest chunk of her budget in the kitchen, it was well worth it.

Alison Victoria on HGTV's Rock the Block