BlueStar Seasonal Colored Appliances

BlueStar is introducing Savor the Seasons, a new color collection curated by international interior designer Eric Cohler. Inspired by the flavors and colors of fresh ingredients, this new line features four custom seasonal palettes. The Savor the Seasons collection will be rolled out by season, with Autumn Abundance first up this fall. The palette features honeyed Persimmon; Turmeric tinged with a hint of orange and ginger; the neutral, earthy Spelt, and the salty, ocean-fresh Bluefish. Coming soon is Winter Solstice, followed in 2019 by Spring Awakening and Summer Bounty. Each palette will feature Cohler’s personal recommendation for a metal trim, from antique brass to pewter, to complement each season’s specific color collection. BlueStar appliances are designed and built exclusively by BlueStar in the U.S.