BlueStar Touch Induction Cooktop

BlueStar’s 36” Touch Induction Cooktop follows up on the form and function of the earlier Turn Induction Cooktop, featuring touch-screen controls rather than knob controls.

The electric cooktop’s sleek design is designed to lay flush with any kitchen countertops. It features five 5,500 watt burners, each with three levels of heating performance: standard, power boost or double power boost. Its rapid heat acceleration function allows it to heat up to 50% faster than a gas burner, according to the manufacturer, and its seamless two-burner bridge function allows users to grill or sear with an add-on, dual-zone griddle.

A safety lock, pan detection technology and hot surface indicator light are among the cooktop’s safety features. The black ceramic glass surface is scratch and stain-resistant, with white indicator lighting on the touch display.

“Our induction cooktops deliver a pro-style cooking experience at home,” Sheffield continues. “From our Platinum gas range to our new chef inspired refrigeration, and now precise and powerful induction, BlueStar continues to set new standards in quality and customization.”