Customize Cooking

While today’s time-pressed consumers may not always have the hours to make lavish meals, most want appliances that will allow them the flexibility to prepare what they want, when they want it, and how they want to cook it. That may mean anything from a speed oven that can be pre-heated from the car on the way home from work via an app to a pro-style range with all the bells and whistles designed for cooking elaborate meals for friends and family gatherings.

Indeed, customizing the cooking appliance has become all the rage, with consumers seeking out appliances that work for the way they cook – whether that’s a steam oven, rotisserie, pizza oven or teppanyaki grill – or all of the above.

Smart appliances keep getting smarter, with ovens that can be programmed to cook food to the user’s specifications – all but “idiot proof” – while induction cooking continues to gain ground.

A greater variety of sizes and configurations allow for design flexibility in smaller kitchen spaces, with style trends ranging from sleek and streamlined to big, bright and bold.

Below are some of the hottest trends in cooking appliances right now.

  • Induction cooking continues to trend, with proponents citing its safety benefits, energy efficiency and improved performance.
  • The resurgence of healthy cooking is driving interest in steam ovens, which allow for quick and easy food preparation, letting the user to enjoy moist and flavorful foods with minimal fat.
  • Personalization remains a key trend, and manufacturers and designers are addressing this with a multitude of cooking options that run the gamut from warming drawers, microwave drawers and steam ovens to pizza ovens, wok or griddle options and more to allow homeowners to customize their kitchen to meet their preferred cooking style.
  • Connected appliances and smart technology advancements continue to see strong growth. Particularly hot are programmable cooking appliances and app-controlled products that allow users to control the on/off, preheat and temperature functions from anywhere in the home – or outside the home – using only a phone.
  • Multifunctional appliances remain popular for their ability to pack multiple features and functions into limited space.
  • While stainless steel remains king, more finish options are turning up in today’s cooking appliances, from matte black, white and charcoal grey to brilliant blues, bright oranges and other “signature” colors designed to act as a dramatic focal point in the kitchen.