Here’s a novel idea: wouldn’t you like to create your own custom oven and stove top? We customize the food we eat everyday, so why not have the same for the item that prepares it for us? We shouldn’t have to settle for such an important appliance to be incredibly bare-bones and restricted in use.

Enter BlueStar: where creating your kitchen is like making your own personalized ice cream sundae. Toppings and all.

BlueStar provides configurations that can be made-to-measured to your own cooking desires. There are integrated cooktop accessories, which include charbroilers, built-in griddles, and even French Tops.BlueStar’s Platinum Series provides a power level of 25,000 BTU burners and includes an integrated griddle/charbroiler system that can be moved to any position on the stovetop. And of course, you can arrange the burners where you want them. There’s even a culinary series, which offers either open or sealed burners. And if you’re daring, there are extra-large convection ovens with True European Convection.

But now for the customized experience. BlueStar stoves can be customized in the following ways: There’s size, which ranges from 24-60 inches. You can have as many as eight burners, or substitute a burner or two for a griddle or a charbroiler. You can go with or without a backguard (up to 24 inches). They’re all the colours of the rainbow and more for both the base and knob colours. You have your choice of trim from standard stainless steel to antique copper or brass. And finally, you have your stove doors, which can have a standard top-to-bottom opening or swing open from either the left or right.

That’s just a taste of some of the customizations available from BlueStar. But perhaps you aren’t certain of what’s best for you. No worries. BlueStar has recruited award-winning chefs such as Michael Symon, Ford Fry and Jose Graces, who’ve provided expert advice on not only what BlueStar product might work for you but also what works for them.