Kitchen Appliances with BlueStar

Appliances were a big deal for me and the kitchen. Since both my refrigerator and range get heavy use I wanted to make sure my appliances could stand up. After doing a lot of research we ended up going with BlueStar and have been thrilled with our decision.

If you are not familiar with BlueStar they have been making American made kitchen equipment since 1880 – something that truly resonated with me since so many companies manufacture overseas now and quality often times isn’t so great. I also love that as a company they create appliances for people who love to get into the kitchen and really cook – not just appliances that look good. We installed their built in refrigerator and their range.

Since I can never seem to have enough room in a fridge, let me tell you the BlueStar fridge is huge. It has a fully extending bottom shelf that can fit a full size sheet pan, which for someone who cooks a lot it is nice to know that if I prep something in advance it can always fit in the fridge (without having to take any thing out!) Also the freezer fits a full size sheet pan, which was something I never thought I needed but now can’t imagine not having it. Also the drawers within the fridge are spacious and flat and I love that I can look down into the drawers and see everything I have available to work with without having to dig through to see what is at the bottom.

Our range is also from BlueStar. With open burners like a commercial range it has 25K BTU flames that I swear boils water in half of the time than my old stove. The oven can also fit two sheet pans side by side. Which is kind of like the flat drawers in the fridge, it is something you never knew you needed but once you have it can’t imagine buying another appliance without that feature. Come Thanksgiving I will have no problem at all fitting ALL of my food into my single oven. ( Most residential ovens can only fit 1 sheet tray per rack).

You can also fully customize the design of your appliances. I stuck with the classic combination of stainless steel but if you have a specific color in mind for your kitchen BlueStar has over 1,000 color choices and you can customize your cooktop too.

The appliances were the final piece of our kitchen renovation puzzle and we could not be more thrilled to have them in our home and use them everyday.

**This post is in partnership with BlueStar but all opinions are my own.