Virtual CEU: Infusing Color into Kitchen Appliances

Virtual CEU classes are open to members of the trade only.

Registration is required prior to CEU date.  Open to members of and course accepted by NKBA, IDCEC & NARI.

Explore the latest trends in kitchen aesthetics, from bold color palettes to soothing natural hues, and learn how to harmonize them with your unique design vision. This course will guide you through creating kitchens that balance beauty, functionality, and personal flair, drawing inspiration from renowned chefs and modern design concepts. Gain practical skills and insights to create kitchens that not only reflect personal style but also optimize the culinary experience. (Course length: 1 hour).  Register now at

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover how to apply over 1,000+ color choices and customizations to create a unique space.
  2. Learn how to customize appliances beyond color, for maximum functionality for the home cook.
  3. Examine the influence of Nature as a source of inspiration for color and materials within the kitchen.
  4. Visualize how the latest color trends can transform the most used room in the home.