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March 1, 2008

(Reading, PA – March 1, 2008) – BSC Culinary, San Francisco’s premier shopping destination for consumers seeking high-performance cooking appliances, has added BlueStar™ Professional Cooking Equipment to its line of premium kitchen equipment.

“BSC Culinary is proud to represent a new entry in the professional cooking arena,” said Pat Rose, Store Manager, BSC Culinary. “BlueStar is steeped in the philosophy of the commercial restaurant product lines. With heavy gauge stainless steel construction, the utilitarian look of the quintessential restaurant range, 22,000 BTU burners and extremely low simmer capability, BlueStar allows the most critical chef the opportunity to challenge every intricate recipe.”

BlueStar, founded in 1880 under the Prizer-Painter name, was originally a manufacturer of high-powered professional ranges for other brands, most notably the Garland line. In 2002, Prizer introduced its own professional style ranges to the residential market, under the BlueStar name. With technology and performance usually only found in professional ranges, BlueStar is the only true genuine restaurant range for the home.

“Every company wants to create brand loyalty in its customers, but very few can develop the type of passion and devotion that BlueStar generates,” said Vice President Mike Trapp. “BlueStar’s line of kitchen appliances has inspired a strong following among people who are passionate about cooking.”

The hand-assembled quality of Prizer’s BlueStar ranges has caught the attention of cooking enthusiasts, from professional chefs to amateur cooks, who demand uncompromised quality in their appliances. What sets BlueStar ranges apart from the ranges manufactured by larger companies is their performance. Trapp explains that BlueStar ranges are built with restaurant specifications in mind, which give users professional-quality results. The gas ranges feature 22,000 BTU burners, while most other stoves offer about 15,000 BTUs. In addition, the ranges and wall ovens are offered in more 190 colors.

“This range boasts extremely large oven capacity, a powerful convection fan, and a roll out rack that will allow even the largest and heaviest turkey ample room for roasting,” added Rose. “BSC Culinary invites everyone in to take a look, test it out, and explore the possibility of bringing this high-performance equipment into your home.”

About BlueStar
BlueStar™ – Genuine Restaurant Ranges for the Home™ – manufactures high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market. The company’s unique open burner system produces 22,000 BTU of cooking power, resulting in shorter cooking times and an even simmer. Each BlueStar range is hand-crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania and features burners that can be custom configured at the time of order. Most BlueStar models are available in 190 colors, at no extra charge. For more information, please visit

About BSC Culinary
BSC Culinary is the shopping destination for kitchen needs, individually or as a package sale and offers competitive pricing and professional customer service. It offers daily product seminars on appliances, as well as offer extensive interactive culinary programs. Visit one of two distinct retail locations – in San Francisco, CA and Atherton, CA – to learn more about its products and services. For more information, please visit