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How does the new PowR Oven™ work?
The new PowR Oven™ features a power burner that is located inside the back of the oven cavity.  This burner technology, which is widely used in commercial ovens, provides heat directly to the cooking chamber, enabling faster preheating and overall enhanced efficiency.  When the power burner is running the convection fan cycles on a low speed to promote even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity.

Is there also a heating element on the bottom of the oven?
No, there is no additional heating element in the bottom of the oven.  The power burner, located at the back of the oven cavity, provides a more efficient heat source.

Is convection available?
All units come standard with a convection fan.  It is controlled by a switch located on the front control panel.  For more efficient and even baking and roasting, use your PowR Oven™ with the convection fan turned on.  If you choose to use the convection fan, standard adjustments in temperature are recommended.  The convection fan will always run at a low speed when the power burner is on.  The fan will run at a high speed when the burner is not lit and if the convection switch on the front control panel is on.

Why does the flame on the power burner turn on and off?
The power burner cycles to maintain the desired air temperature for a constant and even heat.  The power burner flame will automatically ignite and extinguish during this process.  The blue indicator light, located on the front control panel, will turn on every time the power burner is on as the oven cycles to maintain the set temperature.

Because of the location of the power burner, is the back of the oven hotter than the front?
No, the cavity design, which features coved corners, and the automatic cycling of the convection fan while the power burner is running promotes consistent heat distribution for even roasting and baking.

Can the recommended temperatures in my recipe be used with this oven?
Recommended temperatures are a great starting point.  With the power burner you may need to adjust your temperatures slightly to get your desired results.  In general lighter, smaller recipes such as cookies, muffins, and thin layer cakes, will cook in roughly the same amount of time as your recipe.  The denser the recipe (e.g. cheesecakes, pound cakes, large meats) the faster the cook time will be verses your recipe.  Consult your user manual for additional guidance.

Can you use the oven without the power burner running?
No, the power burner located on the back wall of the cavity is the heating element for the oven.

How long does it take the power burner in the PowR Oven™ to ignite?
Although the indicator light is on, it may take up to one minute for the power burner to ignite, this is normal.

How long is the power cord?
The power cord is 5ft long.

Are casters available instead of legs?
Yes, both casters and legs are available.  Each range comes standard with legs.  Casters must be requested at the time of order.

What size backguards are available?
The standard backguard is Island Trim, which is grate height.  Additional available backguards are 6″, 17″ and 24″, and must be specified at the time of order.

What is the standard burner configuration?
All Platinum™ Series ranges come standard with all burners.  


What is included in the Interchangeable Griddle and Charbroiler System?
The Interchangeable Griddle and Charbroiler System comes with 6 pieces.
▪ (1) Cast iron frame (skirt) that holds the griddle or charbroiler in place
▪ (2) Cast iron, two-sided griddle (flat top that features a smooth and ribbed surface)
▪ (3) & (4) Pair of cast iron, two-sided charbroiler grates that are placed side-by-side
▪ (5) Stainless steel diffuser, to protect the burners when using the charbroiler
▪ (6) Stainless steel cover, if the system is kept permanently on the range
Are the cast iron Interchangeable Griddle and Charbroiler pieces non-stick?
No, the cast iron pieces are not non-stick, but they are porcelain coated.

Is the griddle or charbroiler interchangeable on any of the burners?
It can be placed on any two burners from front-to-back on the range.

How do you protect the burners when using the charbroiler?
There is a stainless steel diffuser that fits into two grooves within the frame (skirt).  It is placed underneath the cast iron charbroiler grate pieces.  It works to deflect any potential drippings from hitting the burners and directs them to the grease trays.

Does the heat vary with the interchangeable griddle and charbroiler?
Yes, there are 2 cooking zones with the griddle and charbroiler, a front and a rear.  The front and rear are controlled by using the knobs on the control panel to adjust the flame of the front and rear burners.  You can adjust each zone by moving the knobs to your desired heat.

Does the range come with two frames so you can have both the griddle and charbroiler next to each other at the same time?
Only 1 frame (skirt) comes standard with each range.

How do you clean the interchangeable griddle and charbroiler?
Allow all parts to come to room temperature.  For the cast iron frame, griddle, and charbroiler grates, wash with warm water and a non-metallic grill brush.  Rinse well and dry thoroughly.  Do not submerge grates in water for extended periods as this may cause rusting.  For the stainless steel diffuser, wash with hot, soapy water.  Rinse and dry thoroughly.

TIP: For easier clean-up of drip pan, add some water to the drip pan underneath the charbroiler before using.


Where can I buy BlueStar products?
To purchase BlueStar products, please visit a BlueStar dealer. To find a BlueStar dealer near you, please visit the dealer locator page.

How can I find the nearest dealer to me?
Please visit to find a BlueStar dealer near you.

What if I buy from an unauthorized dealer?
BlueStar does not support any warranty or service work for products purchased from unauthorized dealers.

Can I buy direct from the BlueStar factory?
No, BlueStar ranges are sold exclusively through authorized dealers.

Where can I find BlueStar product specifications?
For specifications on BlueStar products, please visit the products page and click on the product you’re interested in.

Where can I view all 750+ colors and finishes available on a BlueStar range?
For available colors, please click here. Please note that this color chart is a guide. For a better representation of the 750+ colors available on a BlueStar range, please see a dealer’s RAL color guide. To purchase an RAL color guide or 3″ x 6″ color sample visit

What if I want to order my range with the burners in different places? Can I change the burner layout?
Yes, the burner locations can be customized.

Can I add another simmer or 22K burner?
Yes. Additional 22,000 BTU burners may be added to any range in our RNB model at an additional cost. Our RCS and RPB models cannot have additional 22,000 BTU burners added. Additional simmer burners may be added to any BlueStar model. Please contact your dealer for more information, including the cost.


Do I need to have my range professionally installed?
Yes, it is highly recommended that a qualified technician install your BlueStar product AND complete the Manufacturer’s Performance Checklist included in the manual. For a list of qualified technicians in your area, please contact your BlueStar dealer.

At what height does my range need to be installed?
The top of a BlueStar range should be 11/16 above the counter – the standard counter is 36” high, so the range should be installed at 36-11/16″. The casters can be adjusted up to ½ inches. The legs can be adjusted up to 1 inch.

Do I really need to have a dedicated outlet?

Do I need to move my gas connection if it is not on the floor?
It is recommended that the gas connection is moved to the floor. However, if it cannot be moved, the gas line must be recessed to attain zero clearance.

Do you recommend a specific hood or hood size?
We recommend seeking the advice of your BlueStar dealer or an expert ventilation professional.

Do BlueStar ranges lose BTUs when using LP gas?
No, whether configured for natural or LP gas, BlueStar ranges are designed to deliver the same level of BTUs.


Who do I call if I need parts / service?
▪ Contact BlueStar Customer Service at (800) 449-8691
▪ Click here to request service online
Where can I order replacement parts for my BlueStar product?
For replacement BlueStar parts, contact BlueStar Customer Service at (800) 449-8691. The BlueStar Online Store also has a number of parts and accessories available. Visit to shop now.

Can I use oven cleaner?
The interior of the oven cavity is porcelained enamel and an oven cleaner will most likely be safe to use. Please refer to the cleaning product instructions / restrictions prior to use.

Are the grates dishwasher safe?
Yes, but we recommend that they air dry.


What does CFM stand for?
CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and is a measurement of air volume velocity.

How do I know what hood size and CFM are appropriate for my range or cooktop?
Hood size: we recommend a hood size that is at least as wide as your range or cooktop. Ideally, your hood would be slightly wider than your range or cooktop to allow for greater air capture. CFM: it is recommended that for every 100 BTUs of heat generated by a cooking vessel, the blower in a hood should move 1 CFM of air.

Can my hood be smaller than my cooking product?
No. Your hood needs to at least match the width of the cooking product you are placing it over.

Can I use a downdraft with my BlueStar range or cooktop?
BlueStar does not manufacturer downdraft ventilation and In most cases we do not recommend a downdraft for use with BlueStar ranges and cooktops.

How often should I clean my filters?
Depending on your style of cooking, BlueStar generally recommends cleaning your baffle and mesh filters at least once a month. If you frequently fry/wok cook, you may want to clean your filters more often. BlueStar hood baffles are dishwasher-safe.

How high should my hood be installed?
BlueStar recommends that the bottom of the hood should be 30″ minimum to 36″ maximum above the countertop for both Pyramid and Pro-Line hoods. These dimensions provide for safe and efficient operation of the hood.

Can BlueStar hoods be vented horizontally from the back of the hood?
BlueStar’s Pro-line series can be vented from the back or through the top; our Pyramid series is top venting only.


What is the best way to clean BlueStar cookware?
Prepping your cookware: it’s important to prep your BlueStar cookware before using it for the first time. Before first use, wash your cookware thoroughly with hot, soapy water to which you have added ¼ cup of vinegar. This will remove any manufacturing oils or polishing compounds. Rinse with clear hot water and dry immediately.

After every use: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry. Burned-on food can be removed by filling the utensil with water and letting it soak until food loosens. Sprinkle with stainless steel cleanser. Rub in a circular motion with a moistened folded paper towel. Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry.

Removing Burned-on and/or Dried-on Foods: Let utensil cool, partially fill with cold water and bring to a boil over medium hear unit food particles loosen. Let cookware piece cool again and then clean as usual.

Heat hints: When excessive heat is used, heat tints of blue or golden brown, or white hard water spots may appear. Make a paste with water and a non abrasive stainless steal cleaner that do not contain chlorine bleach. Suggested cleaners: Steel Glo and Bar Keepers Friend. Apply paste with a cloth or sponge (do not use an SOS type pad) and rub lightly in a circular motion. Due to the condition of the cookware piece, several applications may need to take place to restore the color/condition of the pan. Wash cookware again, rinse and the dry promptly.

Warping: Never put cold water into a hot utensil or plunge a hot utensil into cold water. Sudden changes in temperature may cause metal to warp, resulting in an uneven bottom.

Are there any tips for maximizing the performance and longevity of BlueStar cookware?
Yes. Do not store foods or allow fats, salts, acidic foods, or foods that have been seasoned to remain in the utensil for long periods of time or pitting may occur. Salt should always be added to boiling liquid in the utensil and then stirred until completely dissolved.
If preheating with oil, always add the oil before heating, and do not cover the utensil.

Use the right tool for the job. Best results are obtained when cooking utensil is at least 2/3 full of food. Be sure to also adjust the flame of your gas range so it does not extend past the bottom of the cookware.


How can I receive updates on BlueStar products and events?
Click here to sign up for BlueStar’s email newsletter to receive updates on products and events.


Can I order products direct from BlueStar?
Yes, consumers throughout the Continental United States can order BlueStar cookware, gear, color swatches, and accessories directly from BlueStar, via our online store. To visit the store go to

How do I track my shipment when I order online?
Your tracking information will be emailed to you when the product ships. You may also email at any time for updates.

What payment methods do you accept online?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Pay Pal.

At what hours is customer service available?
Our customer service department is available to you Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm EST by calling 1-800-449-8691.

What is the cost of shipping?
BlueStar purchases through our online store are sent to you with free shipping.

When will I be billed for my order?
Payments are authorized at the time of checkout online. You can expect the charge to show up as an authorization charge on your credit card within 48 hours. Once the order ships you will receive an email stating the tracking information along with the date your purchase has shipped.

How long will it take for me to receive my order, once it’s placed online?
Our delivery time may vary. However, most orders are processed and filled within 2-3 weeks after receipt of order.


How much do BlueStar products cost?
To purchase BlueStar products, please visit a BlueStar dealer. To find a BlueStar dealer near you, please visit the dealer locator page at