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1880 stove


In 1880, Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc. maker of BlueStar, began manufacturing a full line of residential and commercial coal ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces, and heating stoves at the company's factory in Reading, Pennsylvania. The handcrafted products were sold under many of the popular brands of the day, and many of those original models are still in service across America.

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In the 1950s, Prizer also produced a full line of porcelain enamel cookware that was sold under the brand name Prizerware. Prizer continued to manufacture quality cooking ranges under the Prizer label, as well as for other high-end brands, and took a major step forward with the introduction of its advanced two-coat/one-fire enameling system.

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1950 Stove
2002 Stove


In 2002, Prizer introduced handcrafted, restaurant-quality ranges for the residential market under the BlueStar brand name. Constructed of the highest-quality commercial grade stainless steel, and with specialized technologies such as the Ultra-Nova® 22,000 BTU power burner and the 130°F gentle simmer burner, BlueStar delivers true restaurant performance to the home chef.

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BlueStar expands its product line to include rangetops, cooktops, wall oven and premium ventilation. BlueStar announces the availability of customizing its products in a choice of 190 RAL colors plus the option to create a custom color. BlueStar premium cooking products now offer virtually unlimited personalization options including color, trim and cooktop configurations.

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2006 Stove
Full BlueStar kitchen appliance set


BlueStar announces its expansion into premium Refrigeration, thereby continuing to fulfill the mission to provide home chefs with restaurant­quality results at home. Now, discerning home chefs can create a customizable, complete BlueStar kitchen that offers a seamless experience from refrigerator to stove and beyond.

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