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Why Bluestar

If cooking feeds your soul, not just your guests, only a BlueStar kitchen can satisfy. We craft every burner, shape each door and hinge, and hone every detail to fuel your passion.


Robust power and unrivaled precision demanded by serious home cooks.

  • 25,000 BTU burner ranges
  • Dual-compressor refrigeration
  • Pro-style ventilation
What Sets BlueStar Apart?


High-caliber construction. Unparalleled function. 140 years of expertise.

  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1880
  • Exceptionally durable construction
  • Commercial-grade materials
What Makes a quality kitchen?


Elevated style defined by your unique design sensibilities.

  • 1,000+ colors and textured finishes
  • 10 metal trim options
  • Custom cooktop and door configurations
How do I customize?

See what our customers say

After visiting a showroom and seeing the way the flame disperses under the pan, we quickly decided on BlueStar, and we've never been sorry.

Gary W 24″ Platinum

It's an appreciation of function over style- practical and durable appliances, large workspaces, unobstructed workflow, and clean lines.

Craig S 48″ RNB Series Range

I love cooking for my family and friends, and the BlueStar helps me do it better. I feed people because I love them. This range helps me make better food for my family and guests.

Donald C 36″ Platinum Series Range

Functionality of the stove was the most important to me… BlueStar owners are not pretentious people, they are serious about cooking.

Eric W 48″ RNB Series Range

Backed by the pros

Michael Symon

When shopping for the right range never underestimate the need for more BTUs and oven space.

Michael Symon

Jonathan Benno

“The range has the BTUs and strength of a restaurant-quality range.”

Jonathan Benno

Jose Garces

The precise control available to me from my BlueStar oven ensures a perfect result every time.

Jose Garces

Ford Fry

I chose BlueStar for the BTUs, way too many "commercial" ranges just look commercial. I wanted the same power I get at work.

Ford Fry

Zoe Francois

I wanted the kind of fire power I had when I worked in restaurant kitchens, at home.

Zoe Francois

Make it your own

Unlimited customization

From endless colors to unique trims and configurations, BlueStar products enhance the look and feel of any kitchen.

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BlueStar ranges, hoods, and refrigerators deliver the performance serious cooks demand.

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