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Heather R. – Costa Mesa, CA

“Oh my how I love this fridge.  It is so solid and so gorgeous!  It makes such a statement in our new kitchen and I couldn’t be happier with it!”


Richard Lang – Vancouver Island, British Columbia

“I was able to fire up my shiny new BlueStar for the first time yesterday, and I can’t thank you enough. Everyone who I spoke/emailed with at BlueStar has been outstanding with fantastic and friendly service, and the entire experience has really been top-notch. The stove itself really is an amazing piece of machinery. My contractor, who had never heard of BlueStar, couldn’t stop talking about how nice it was, and I think that may have turned him into a future customer as well. My 2 year old daughter walked into the kitchen and saw it for the first time and just said “cool!”. She obviously has excellent taste.”


Steve Marandola – Warwick, Rhode Island

“I love the interchangeable griddle/charbroiler!  I can make steaktips and kabobs right on the stove while making risotto.  No more running outside to check grille.  If they start to get too crispy I can put them in the oven and finish in there while my risotto completes cooking.  It truly is a remarkable range.”


Karen Mantoen – Orange, CA

“Great for stir fry, recommend all serious Chinese cooks to have one. Even my professional chef friends love it when they come cooking at my home.”


Grace Trieu – Newton, MA

“Yippee! I just ordered my second Blue Star RNB. I own a 30″ RNB in a home in Wisconsin. I’ve had that for two years, and it is a workhorse and looks as good as the day I bought it. I did exhaustive product research before buying BlueStar. I focus on reliability and functionality instead of talk-show celebrity endorsements. This product hands down beats the competition. So, since we are moving to South Dakota, my new kitchen has to have a BlueStar range. So, Blue Star #2 will soon be on the way. Thanks for an outstanding product.”


Laura Dickinson Lee – Aberden, SD

“I designed my entire kitchen around my wall oven. I wanted an oven that would accomodate a commercial cookie sheet and this one does that and so much more plus the color is beautiful. It cooks breads and cookies beautifully and evenly. Next on my list…the BlueStar range.”


Sue Lawless – Severna Park, MD

“Before my kitchen reno, I’d read a lot of BlueStar forum blogs. Most of them seemed to basically say the same thing, mainly that if you’re looking for a rugged, commercial- type range, then look no further. Now that I own one, I agree that it has proven itself to be the best part of my kitchen. I especially appreciated what they had to say about wok cooking. Again, they were right – by removing the top grate on the hottest burner and utilizing the resultant concave, perfect conditions are created for wok cooking. I am the envy of my family and friends!”


Marc Cohen – Seattle, WA

“I am enjoying my BlueStar range top immensely. After 40 years of Chinese cooking, the BlueStar’s 22,000 BTU of firepower has given me the the true *wok hay* (“Breath of the Wok”) experience. I am thrilled. I have never cooked on anything like this before, and I will never go back to anything less.”


Pete Carpenter – Beltmont, MA

“The most amazing range by far! Genuine restaurant taste… I love it.”


Rosalia Ricci – Brantford, Ontario

“Incredible range. We chose this stove because it’s the only one we could find that would accommodate full sized sheet pans in both ovens. We love the burners and grill, too.”