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30″ Induction Range


Induct style into your kitchen with BlueStar's new professional-grade induction range! Bring the precision and speed of induction cooking home with burners that offer exceptional control plus an oversized convection oven. Endlessly customize with 1,000+ colors and 10 metal trim options.

  • Nine heat levels for each cooking zone, controlled by knobs that provide precise control and flexibility
  • Four cooking zones efficiently transfer heat to cookware and instantaneously respond to burner adjustments
  • Highly responsive 3,700 Watt power boost for a rapid boil and intense sear
  • Gentle keep warm function maintains low and even heat on each zone
  • Durable ceramic cooktop surface and seamless backguard cleans quickly & easily, simply wipe down
  • Optimized safety features include automatic pan detection, a quick to cool surface and child-safety lock
  • Oven accommodates 18" x 26" commercial baking sheet
  • 5 oven modes including Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, Convection Broil and Fast Preheat
  • Powerful 2,500 Watt broiler
  • Customize with 1,000+ colors plus 10 metal trim options
  • Designed & built with commercial-grade materials for lasting performance
  • Proudly handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1880
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Starting at $6,995 (UMRP/USD$)

Unmatched Customization

Cooking Configurations

Create a stovetop tailored to how you cook with custom burners, griddles, charbroilers and even French Tops.

Colors & Textures

Turn up the heat on discerning design with custom-color matching or select from more than 1000+ available colors and finishes.

Knobs & Trim

Add subtle details with pop-color knobs or trims in rich brass and copper for an understated-yet-personal look.

Door Styles

Optimize your results with French doors, drop downs, and right- or left-swinging designs for chef-friendly function.