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reconnecting with nature

In recent years, there has been a strong reconnection with nature, as we look to feel more grounded. This rediscovery of nature certainly influenced the resurgence of natures most thought of color, green – now hailed as a new neutral. But as cold of winter really sets in, the desire to stay aligned with the great outdoors is stronger than ever. The new year always brings renewed desire to take a deeper look into what surrounds us – by looking straight up into the bright blue sky or down low into deep blue bodies of water. Even more grounding is a focus on the richness of earth tones which extract neutral shades to offer a sense of calm and warmth with as creamy whites, claylike orange, grounding browns, and silky greys.


Silk Grey

Pale Brown

Steel Blue

Blue Grey

Cream - RAL 9001

A subtle change to the cornerstone of white

Silk Grey - RAL 7044

An untouched canvas waiting to become art

Pale Brown - RAL 8025

Soil frozen in time awaiting a new birth

Steel Blue - RAL 5011

Captures the rich darkness of winter

Blue Grey - RAL 7031

The strength and resilience of a stone

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