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Carolyn Michaelson

Carolyn Michaelson, RA

Covington, KY

Architects’ Residence

The original home was built in 1910 for the Stewart Family, a prominent family in the Cincinnati area and owners of Stewart Iron Works, which at the time was considered the largest ornamental iron furniture manufacturer in the US and the largest ornamental fence company in the world, and is still in operation today. The house had been converted to ten apartments, losing much of the grandeur and charm of the original. The new owners converted the house back into a single residence. They positioned the new kitchen where the original had been with a new connection to the main hall – reflecting how the role of the kitchen has changed in the last century. They reused an original cast iron apron sink and salvaged original wood from the demolition to be reused as a kitchen table on a new Stewart Iron cast iron table base. In construction it was discovered that the home incorporated a steel column and beam structure – a novel approach at the time. They decided to leave the structure exposed and celebrate the history of the home. It seemed only fitting that for a home so inventive in its use of iron, that a BlueStar French Top Range be incorporated into the design.