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Leslie Cascino

Leslie Cascino

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor Residence Kitchen Renovation

The client and I wanted to respect the age and architecture of the home. Built in 1924 in a European-inspired style popular at that time, we aimed for a bright, vintage, luxe bistro look. The high contrast colors and materials, especially from the custom BlueStar range, are the elements that really set the style!

I had neglected to mention that a BlueStar range was basically the entire impetus for a complete kitchen overhaul. Once we realized we wouldn’t be able to successfully integrate one into the old kitchen design we decided to pursue the bigger project. For the client who was previously a happy owner in North Carolina before they moved to Michigan, there was simply no other choice. It seems so long ago so this very important detail completely slipped my mind for the description of the project. But the whole renovation was due in large part to getting the homeowner exactly what he wanted and needed to cook on – that beautiful range!