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Morgan Lepore

Payne & Payne Renovation and Design

Chesterland, OH

Complete Renovation

This is a complete first floor renovation. A charming traditional home that has a kitchen with a big personality maintains symmetry, balance and serenity while still having elements that were bright and vibrant. My client is an incredibly talented artist who allowed me to be creative and bold with these beautiful pops of color. My favorite element in the kitchen is most definitely the BlueStar® Range and Custom Hood. We were able to really think outside the box and be creative with color and texture. My client was so much fun and has impeccable style. She wasn’t afraid to do something different and did not make me “play it safe”. I love blue and so does she, but I did not want to do Navy. I felt like that was the safe choice and while Navy is stunning, it is also very popular right now. I wanted to create a space that was going to be different then everyone else. I also feel a kitchen isn’t complete without a stunning focal point. It could be the range, and hood, lighting, island detailing, backsplash, but one element needs to be bold and be the star of the show!

Morgan LePore Kitchen IslandMorgan LePore Kitchen AngleMorgan LePore Kitchen Range OpenMorgan LePore Kitchen RangeMorgan LePore Kitchen PantryMorgan LePore Kitchen Wide