2020 Kitchen Design Contest Regional Winner – Roomscapes

Kitchen designer Debbie Nassetta of Roomscapes, Inc in Newport Beach, California believes real work takes place in the kitchen. The design is very important and getting a seasoned pro really helps to put experience and understanding into making a useful, functional kitchen in your home. For instance, many times the main focus is on cabinetry and countertops. But what about spacing? Keeping proper clearances is important, such as distance from island to counter for ease of cooking.

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Finalist Debbie Nassetta

What were your client’s goals for this kitchen project?
“The client wanted a better functioning space, as well as a bespoke design that would have elegance and classic details. They entertain often and wanted space for friends. The large BlueStar® range with 24” French Top in 5002 Ultramarine Blue with brushed brass trim and wall of refrigeration were starting points, and the appliances gave our client incredible color options and great features. We removed a typical white kitchen…so the black was a big change! These clients also had photos of marble bar shelves with the brass support posts, so we fabricated these shelves with ground glass tops with LED lighting, and all the bottles have a wonderful glow.”

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Finalist Debbie Nassetta

How do you get to know your individual client’s tastes and lifestyle needs?

“Most of our clients have imagined their new kitchen long before they come to see us. I think it’s important to let them express all the thoughts they have, at all points in the design process. I always enjoy doing different things that I have not done in the past, so I typically show lots of those ideas and sometimes we get to do it! I believe in doing a design that works for the space and the client, and I always start with practical suggestions. I’m happy to reinvent when it is warranted, but I can always see the practical aspects of design when it comes to budget. I also love balance and symmetry, and I am most inspired now by the amazing trends in appliances that we get to incorporate.”

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Finalist Debbie Nassetta

What are the big wow factors in this space?

“I love the use of mixed metals… in this project we have wonderful brass accents, from the refrigeration hinges to the cabinet hardware, to the wall paper on the ceiling and the brass foot rail at the banquette. I also love the subtle effect the dark crystals on the chandeliers have related to the dramatic black cabinetry. And, I think a wow factor is something that we do not have: No wall cabinets. I really think this elevates the space to read more open and less like a traditional kitchen. While we have plenty of drawers for the dish and glass storage, we only have one wall cabinet in this kitchen. The Custom Cabinetry is by Wood Mode in Pennsylvania, the marble slabs are sourced from Ollin Stone in Anaheim, CA and the gold wallpaper is from Innovations. All these elements combine for a glamorous effect.”

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Finalist Debbie Nassetta

Any design challenges?

“We had to run the hood duct out of the house through a laundry room ceiling. The clients really wanted a higher ceiling, it wasn’t possible, but we made the ceiling important with a rich and dramatic gold shimmered ceiling.”

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Finalist Debbie Nassetta

Who do you most love designing a kitchen for?

“Anyone that loves to cook and entertain. I really think about the people “space” and where every kitchen item will be stored. Since my family is really into cooking, I tend to make sure my clients will have these features in their own kitchen.”


Photography: Chipper Hatter www.chipperhatter.com