2021 Colors of the Year

At BlueStar® we celebrate color everyday, with over 1,000 colors and finishes to choose from. Global color leaders have announced their picks for 2021 and we are excited to share the hues that will inspire the years coming trends.

Color is now being used as the main accessory in the home and, most especially, in the kitchen. Experts say that color choices stem from each individual and the mood they associate with a particular color. Homeowners and designers alike are seeking warmth, with ‘wellness’ cited as a driving inspiration.

The Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year Illuminating and Ultimate Grey

Pantone selected two colors to represent 2021, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. The gray is described as dependable, luxurious and full of wisdom. Illuminating is a yellow reminiscent of sunshine, and smiley faces. The combination is meant to move us forward.

Benjamin Moore's 2021 Color of the Year Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal (2136-40) a blend of blue-green and gray was picked by Benjamin Moore. They say it is an intriguing midtone that creates natural harmony.

Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze (SW 7048), is the rich, bold neutral selected by Sherwin-Williams. It has the unique ability to ground a room, and connects people to nature.

BlueStar's 2021 Color of the Year Light Aqua Green

BlueStar’s first ever Color of the Year is the nature-inspired hue, Light Aqua Green (RAL #6027). It is subdued and livable, and is perfect for keeping spaces light and airy. It brings the outside in and soothes the spirit to lift the heart of the home. This natural neutral pairs well with wood tones as well as crisp or creamy whites, creating an optimistic, fresh space. The color can be easily applied across many different materials and textures and is stunning on any cooking, ventilation or refrigeration product in either a high gloss or matte finish.

These leading shades comprise the 2021 color palette. The overall effect is to create a home where we can relax, feel safe and refresh. The colors range from calming blues, greens and greys to more brilliant yellows that add optimism to our home spaces. Only BlueStar® has the ability to offer every client a handcrafted design by precisely matching its appliances to ANY color for a truly custom, bespoke kitchen space.