Hilary Gilkey from HGC Design BuildRegional Winner: Hilary Gilkey, HGC Design Build  Tampa, FL

The next regional winner in our 2021 Kitchen Design Contest is Hilary Gilkey from HGC Design Build in Tampa, FL and her project ‘HCG Modern Farm House’.  Her client’s main goal was to create a wonderful community gathering spot since he loved to cook and wanted a space that could be both large and symmetrical.  Hilary loves understanding the challenge and uniqueness for each client and what they find beautiful and functional and it definitely shows in this design.

Detail in the design is so important and I wanted everything to match, while mixing classic and antique styles.  When it came to selecting the appliances, BlueStar® has become one of my favorite appliances because of both their numerous color and trim options, but also because of the performance.  And, since the client loved to cook so much, I knew there was no other choice. BlueStar® makes a 60” rangetop, which is so unique, and something that just felt would be ideal for the center of the space with a stunning Manhattan style ventilation hood.

The BlueStar rangetop in the award winning design of Hilary Gilkey

I was able to mix in the black and copper tones and it matched the hardware and faucet.  All the details that I wanted came together in perfect harmony.  Having the large cooking space enabled us to create an island behind it with plenty of seating for the gathering space the client envisioned.

Hilary Gilkey's award winning kitchen design

Seeing this project come together and to work in all these styles so seamlessly was magical.  I loved the challenge of blending the styles together to create one beautiful kitchen.

Regional winner Hilary Gilkey's Modern Farm House design

About HGC Design Build:

HGC Design Build is a family business who all hail from the Chicago suburbs. They brought their love of old architecture they knew and grew up with in the Chicago area, like Frank Lloyd Wright, to the historic area of Tampa. They are a turnkey design build firm who specializes in traditional and ultra-contemporary upscale design, engineering, and building. They believe in a hand collaborative process which help clients bring to life the desires for living, family, and recreation. Everything they do begins and ends with relationships. The HGC process begins with a personal consultation focused on building relationship of trust and collaboration.