Alison Victoria x BlueStar

BlueStar® is collaborating with acclaimed interior designer and HGTV star Alison Victoria to launch and incredible color collection filled with custom green hues for the kitchen. Well-known for her kitchen designs and as the star of HGTV’s “Windy City Rehab,” “Kitchen Crashers”, “Rock the Block” and “Battle on The Beach,” Victoria’s reputation for her love of color, especially green, made her the unequivocal choice to join BlueStar® on a journey to develop this bold and bright palette.

The NEW Alison Victoria x BlueStar Color Collection from BlueStar

“Green is the new neutral! Bold and energetic, soft and subdued, this color story effortlessly integrates into the fabric of any kitchen,” says Alison. “Your kitchen should be timeless and should still look great 10 or 20 years from now. Hardscape pieces like large appliances need to be a neutral, and then be layer-able, so you can add in more trending accents with towels, rugs and hardware, which are easier to change.”

This new collection, Alison Victoria x BlueStar®, features 10 hand-selected colors that cover greens found in nature, fashion and from Alison’s everyday life. Alison’s favorite things inspired the new BlueStar® custom line – from a Dior handbag to the cover of a personal journal, to a favorite emerald ring. BlueStar® was able to precisely match the palette to Alison’s specifications, creating a one-of-kind color collection than can be adapted to any kitchen.

Designer Alison Victoria with the inspiration behind her new collection Alison Victoria x BlueStar

The collection’s appeal is its relaxed versatility. Green is essentially a new neutral that pairs well with wood tones, crisp or creamy whites or bolder tones like deep blues, creating an optimistic, fresh space. The colors can be used across many different materials and can be applied on BlueStar® ranges, wall ovens, kitchen hoods or refrigeration products as a statement piece or as a pop of color on knobs.  Pair these on-trend hues with brass trim, Alison’s finish of choice, for a luxurious look.

Alison Victoria showing off one of the new colors from her new color collection

“I love the fact that these ranges are crafted by hand in America, in BlueStar’s Pennsylvania factory,” Alison says. “While the equipment has a distinctive aesthetic appeal, the range may be tricked out for the serious home cook, with high-performance burners, perfect for sauteing, and wok cooking, plus an oversized oven for holiday meals,” said Alison.

The ten new colors in the Alison Victoria x BlueStar Color Collection

Green comes in so many different hues…from deep emerald jewel tones to blue-green teals, to leafy tones, to olive drab, to sage, and on and on. Alison shares the inspiration behind the collection and how she customized 10 very different, distinct shades:

  • Emerald… like the gem that it is, this crisp green tone is the brightest, boldest star of the collection.
  • Prasino… meaning “green” in Greek, its name is from its inspired locale, Greece; very clean and clear colors that have stayed with Alison through her travels.
  • Ever…and ever. This timeless color was inspired by a keepsake emerald ring that Alison treasures for its shimmering color and sentiment.
  • Sunset Forest…reminiscent of the colors of sunset and twilight as the sun casts its shadow on the leaves. Soft, eternal, enduring. BlueStar matched this shade to the cover of a favorite vintage book.
  • Olive Mediterranean vibes with a Greek heritage. Think olive fields….a grand and glorious color addition to any kitchen space.
  • Lily…. a sublime color, elegant and sophisticated.
  • Aloe….is traditionally a mixture of orange and yellow color; Alison’s Aloe is a soft, playful chartreuse green with an electric undertone.
  • Highlandsthis forest green provides a depth and richness of color; unconditionally classic.
  • Hunter… calls to mind the freshly manicured gardens of Mayes Green in England, with its picturesque period homes and wonderful gardens.
  • Green With Envy…the standout, the BlueStar® 2022 Color of the Year is truly timeless; so green in depth it takes on the shade of night.

BlueStar products in Alison Victoria's new color Sunset Foreest

Alison’s color collection is available on all BlueStar® appliances.  Pair range, refrigerator, and custom ventilation together in any of these stunning hues.