Announcing our 2020 Design Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Lynn Kloythanomsup | Berkeley, CA

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Grand Prize Winner Lynn KloythanomsupOur annual Kitchen Design Contest has become a coveted award recognizing designers, architects, builders and remodelers for their outstanding kitchens. The competition celebrates inspiring, innovative projects that incorporate BlueStar® professional style appliances for the home, including ranges, gas and electric wall ovens, ventilation and premium refrigeration. With our rich legacy of 140 years steeped in American craftsmanship, BlueStar® is proud to celebrate the wealth of talent within the kitchen design industry.

This year, we are so excited to announce our 2020 Grand Prize Winner, Lynn Kloythanomsup, Principal Interior Designer at Landed Interiors Homes in Berkley, California. The winning kitchen was part of a whole-house remodel in San Francisco. It was inspired by English farm kitchens and is custom fit for a stylish client who dreams of a country escape within the city. The kitchen was crafted to blend into the rest of the 1914 Arts and Crafts home, as if it had been standing since the home was originally built, but this room was actually added to the back of the house and is entirely new and outfitted with reclaimed materials to look worn. The ceiling height drops at the kitchen sink, perfectly hugging the side of the brick-covered hood with a BlueStar® hood liner insert and Platinum Series Range in RAL 8012 Red Brown with Antique Brass. The client is an avid cook who hosts plenty of dinner parties, and she needed a workhorse in the kitchen.

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Grand Prize Winner Lynn Kloythanomsup

“Not only has the designer made the most of a small space, the use of material and textures is drop dead chic and spot on for how people live today,” said Lead Judge Eric Cohler. “I especially like the imaginative use of details such as the corbel brackets fabricated from a marble slab to match the stove back and counters; the painted checkerboard floors that reiterate the natural wood tones of the beams and paneling; the warmth of the bookcase; pattern of wallcovering in the pantry. The abundance of natural light and pendant lights and sconces is superb. This kitchen is the apotheosis of a perfect melding between the rustic and urbane.”

“Our artistic client came to us with a dream of a type of home, an eccentric English country house, and we knew exactly what she meant. We love historic homes and the maximalist British country style, so we immediately understood her vision. Our client shared further inspiration, including books and favorite artists. We had so many references in common. This was a collaboration fated by the stars. Once we started to take inventory of her cookware, serving pieces, pantry, and cookbooks, we really got into the design of the storage and created all the nooks and spaces to hold her collections,” said Kloythanomsup. Here are some additional details from the designer:

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Grand Prize Winner Lynn Kloythanomsup

What inspired your color choices?
“Our palette includes wood, cream cabinetry, and a burgundy BlueStar® range. The burgundy color (RAL 8012 Red Brown with Antique Brass trim) was chosen to compliment the brick wall and hood wrap that we put in, and it is the only color we chose besides the neutral cabinets and different mix of woods. We did not want the materials to look to new, so we varied the species of woods and sought reclaimed materials.”

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Grand Prize Winner Lynn Kloythanomsup

Why did you select BlueStar® appliances?
“We loved the color range and the ability to create a signature statement piece, from an unbelievable palette of 1,000 colors. Our client wanted an open burner stove. We tested out the appliance at Monark Premium Appliance showroom in San Francisco, California and loved the performance. I love the open burners and the star flame pattern. It’s mesmerizing!”

Were there any unique challenges?
“While this space is made to look like it was original to the home, the kitchen is actually a brand new addition. The kitchen is small by some standards, so we had to make sure we designed enough storage, even managing to avoid upper cabinets, because the client wouldn’t be able to reach. The typical challenges of this new construction were designing and specifying all the custom cabinetry and materials to fit tightly when installed. Details can often be missed, so we oversee the tedious fabrication and installation of every piece of the puzzle.”

2020 BlueStar Kitchen Design Contest Grand Prize Winner Lynn Kloythanomsup

What was one of your favorite elements?
“One of our favorite design elements is the painted checkerboard floors. While we usually continue wood flooring from the rest of the house into any new additions, this space called for new flooring, so we used the opportunity to put in a different wood floor which we had wire brushed and then hand painted with a large checkerboard design.”

What advice can you give us on kitchen design?
“A kitchen should be designed specifically for the user. Our client did not take any resale real estate value into consideration when designing her dream home. We guide our clients and would never design something that wasn’t a compliment to or cohesive with the architecture anyway, but we love it when our clients start with excitement and a fantasy that we can shift here and there to make reality. The results here add to the value of the home. The space plan has much better flow and maximizes the square footage and light, and the build quality is very high.”

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Photo Credit:  Haris Kenjar,