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December 21, 2012:

This month’s dealer spotlight focuses on Gerdhard’s Appliances of Glenside, Pennsylvania. Gerhard’s began as a single storefront over 60 years ago, and with 5 locations today is now one of Philadelphia’s leading dealers of home appliances. From your kitchen to your home theater, Gerhard’s has everything you need to outfit the home of your dreams.

Gerhard’s offers high performance appliances for the home, but it is the spirit of service that sets this dealer apart. Gerhard’s motto has always been, “Our service makes the best products better”, and it is because of Gerhard’s expert staff, and dedication to service that BlueStar® is proud to have Gerhard’s in our family of dealers.

Gerhard’s has a selection of BlueStar® appliances, so you can have restaurant grade power and performance right in your home kitchen. Gerhard’s expert team members can help you select the perfect BlueStar® appliance for your home kitchen. No matter the color you select, you will be getting the unmatched power and performance of BlueStar® with the quality service of Gerhard’s Appliances.


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