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Heritage Classic Series range from BlueStar

November 7, 2012:

Handcrafted in Reading Pennsylvania since 1880, each BlueStar is custom made-to-order in the USA, and brings unmatched cooking power and performance to your home kitchen.

The complete line of BlueStar professional grade appliances is backed by a 130-year history of American-made quality, and is designed with the needs of the discerning at-home cook in mind.

BlueStar’s 22,000 BTU flame is the most powerful on the market, and allows you to precisely sear meats the way a chef would. A complementary 130° simmer burner allows you to delicately simmer sauces like Thanksgiving gravy or a simple syrup for this cranberry citrus dressing.

BlueStar’s extra large oven capacity accommodates a full sized commercial baking sheet, and with space enough for a 25 lb. turkey, is perfect for cooking up a full American-style Thanksgiving meal.

BlueStar ranges are available in over 190 custom color options to match any kitchen décor. No matter what color you choose for your BlueStar appliances, you will be outfitting your kitchen with genuine restaurant appliances that are genuinely American.


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