Celebrate the Colors of 2022

Every day is about being adventurous with color at BlueStar® with our 1,000+ color options! But, at the end of each year global color leaders announce their forecast for the upcoming year. 2022 is all about green hues.  The top paint brands all selected soft, pale greens.  This palette feels very safe and comforting at a time when there is much uncertainty. Usually new color trends emerge in fashion first then make their way throughout other segments.  This has been true with green, as it has grown on the runway and now made its way to home décor.

The exception to this green love affair is Pantone, who surely saw the color on the wall, and opted for a bolder choice.  Let’s review all the 2022 picks that will inspire this year’s coming trends.

Pantone Color of the Year Very Peri
36″ Nova Series Range with 12″ Griddle in Very Peri

Pantone selected Very Peri.  This purple hue encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.  The color has a lot from the blue family in it, but includes violet red undertones for a spritely and joyous attitude.

2022 Color of the Year October Mist
48″ Atlas Series Hood in October Mist with Stainless Steel strapping

October Mist is a strong base color that can be easily layered.  This gentle shade of sage gives a nice touch of warmth while encouraging individual expression through color.

Color of the Year Evergreen Fog
36″ PRO Built-In Refrigerator in Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog is being called a chameleon color, with a mixture of green and gray and a subtle hint of blue.  It is beautiful, organic and can work to create a stunning statement shade in any room.

Color of the Year Breezeway
36″ Nova Series Range with 12″ Griddle in Breezeway with Brushed Brass trim

Breezeway is seen as an uplifting sea glass.  It exudes relaxation and offers peace and tranquility.

Color of the Year Olive Spring
36″ Nova Series Range with 12″ Griddle in Olive Spring with Antique Copper trim

Olive Spring, another soft gray-green combination, brings more of the natural world in.  It is seen as the perfect color for liveliness.

BlueStar Color of the Year on a 48" Platinum Range
48″ Platinum Series Range in Green With Envy

While many other brands saw light greens as the perfect color, BlueStar’s color of the year, selected by Interior Designer and HGTV host Alison Victoria is Green with Envy (RAL 6007).  Chosen for its versatility it is essentially a new neutral.  It pairs well with wood tones, crisp or creamy whites or bolder tones like deep blues, to create an optimistic and fresh space.

BlueStar Appliances in the 2022 Color of the Year

Victoria has designed over 300 kitchens, and one of her top design tips is to keep major pieces, like appliances, neutral. “Your kitchen should be timeless. Rather than be dated by a Color of the Year classification, ‘Green with Envy’, especially when paired with antique or brushed brass trim, will still look great 10 or 20 years from now,” she says.

“Appliances are the hardscape of the kitchen and not something you want to change out frequently, so they need to be layerable,” she says. “They are a big investment — you don’t want to get sick of them after 10 years.” Victoria recommends directing creativity into more affordable and easier to replace areas, like a backsplash or faucet, cabinet hardware or mixing in trends with paint, accessories, area rugs or artwork. “With BlueStar’s endless customization options, you also can easily change the color of the knobs with each season if you like!”

Choose from any of these colors to create the perfect kitchen appliances for your home. Design your dream kitchen today using our Build Your Own Tool.