Meet the New 24″ Sealed Burner Range

Posted: June 1, 2017  (Updated January 19, 2024)

For a long time, the prevailing belief was that bigger is always better. However, contemporary trends are challenging this notion. Small living spaces are gaining increasing popularity, and people are finding various ways to embrace them, whether it’s through urban living, downsizing, or the rising popularity of Tiny Homes. Several factors are contributing to this trend, with mainstream TV shows dedicated to small living spaces playing a significant role in fueling its growth.

First, demand for living space in high-cost urban areas continues to increase.  With space in those areas at a premium consumers are forced to think creatively about size, and in most cases sacrifice square footage for a desirable location.  In addition many consumers are also looking to simplify their lives.  They are trying to have less belongings, and overall lower financial debt.  Rent, utilities, furnishings are all significantly reduced in small spaces.  Finally, many are looking to the future and what they can do to help reduce their overall carbon footprint – small space living helps to dramatically reduce your environmental impact

24-inch gas range options available from BlueStar

BlueStar® is committed to the idea that you can make the most of your compact living spaces without sacrificing performance or style.  Our Small Spaces Collection offers a full line of 24” gas ranges including the newest addition – our 24” Culinary Series Sealed Burner range.  We are broadening our Small Spaces collection to cater to the diverse spaces our customers have. Now, everyone can experience a highly efficient, professional-style kitchen with a range of distinctive options, regardless of their space constraints.

The 21,000 BTU Sealed Burner available from BlueStar

The compact 24” Culinary Series Sealed Burner Range may be small in size, but it packs a formidable punch by blending professional-grade features with a sleek aesthetic. It stands out as one of the most powerful sealed burner choices available, boasting burners with an impressive 21,000 BTUs of heat, alongside a gentle simmer burner that provides the perfect low-heat flame. The generous convection oven delivers an intense 1850ºF infrared broiler and can accommodate a half-size 18″ x 13″ commercial baking sheet. To personalize their kitchen’s appearance, consumers have the option to select from a palette of 1,000+ colors and finishes, adding a vibrant touch to any compact kitchen.

Kim Lewis of Kim Lewis Tiny Homes emphasizes the importance of compact yet functional appliances in small kitchens. In these limited spaces, countertop area is precious, making “multifunctional” the guiding principle in design. Kim adds, “With BlueStar, there’s no need for us to make compromises when it comes to performance or design. They offer a diverse range of products with various configurations and colors, allowing us to customize and enhance both functionality and the distinctive style and color of our tiny home designs.”

Alongside the newly introduced 24-inch sealed burner gas range, BlueStar®’s Small Spaces collection comprises the classic Nova (RNB) Series and the premium Platinum Series open burner. The Platinum Series boasts an impressive power output of up to 25,000 BTUs and provides nearly limitless customization options, including a palette of 1,000+ colors and various trim choices. This Platinum range offers four burners, along with BlueStar’s innovative Interchangeable Griddle/Charbroiler and a PowR Oven™ for 40% faster preheating.

Furthermore, the 24-inch convection gas wall oven combines robust, artisanal craftsmanship with a seamless design, delivering both functional utility and aesthetic appeal to the home chef’s kitchen.