New Vent Hood Styles for the Ultimate in Home Design

Posted: June 10, 2021

We are excited to announce the addition of the Abbaka Series to our collection of high-performance vent hoods for the home kitchen.  Introducing the Atlas, Mesa and Normandy kitchen hoods.  These three new styles feature dynamic sculpting and intricate details.  The enhanced 30” height creates a dramatic, sweeping profile for any home kitchen.

Atlas Series

Atlas Series Vent Hood from BlueStar

The Atlas style kitchen hood is a more dramatic version of the ever popular Bonanza design.  Featuring a bold 30” height with a graceful curve that stands out in an environment defined by straight lines.  All of these hoods can be customized with over 1,000+ colors and finishes or can be built in a collection of designer metals such as brass, copper or pewter finishes.  Additionally the standard strapping and rivets on the front face of the hood are available in ten different finish options for the ultimate in customization possibilities.  Choose from brushed brass, polished brass, antique brass, brushed copper, polished copper, antique copper, pewter, oil rubbed bronze, chrome or stainless to match any hardware or fixture.

Mesa Series

Mesa Series Vent Hood from BlueStar

The Mesa vent hood has a sleek, profile design that instantly transforms the functionality of high-efficiency ventilation into an art form.  It’s enhanced 30” height will make it the focal point of the kitchen and the centerpiece of your design.  As with all BlueStar® hoods, customize in over 1,000+ colors.  Although not standard, strapping can be added for an even more daring design.

Normandy Series

Normandy Series Vent Hood from BlueStar

This modern adaptation of a classic European design brings high style to the home kitchen.  The Normandy vent hoods are customizable in over 1,000+ colors and finishes as well as our ten designer metals, this hood’s style is punctuated by the extended lower reveal available in all of our 10 designer metal options.  These two areas of customizable space allow you to mix trending color and metal combinations to match the rest of your kitchen décor for a seamless design.

All of the Abbaka Series hoods feature a completely upgraded internal ventilation system for enhanced performance and ease of use. The powerful three-speed fan features a delayed stop to ensure superior heat and smoke removal and optimize grease capture. A fourth Power Boost speed can be selected for high-smoke cooking. The innovative multi-stage grease capture system starts with durable, dishwasher safe, stainless steel baffle filters that improve air flow and capture cooking grease. The second stage is an inner shield that works to distribute air flow evenly across the entire cooking surface while capturing any grease that may come through. Finally, an easily removable grease tray collects any residual grease. The new energy-efficient LED lighting, with dimmable capabilities, perfectly highlights your cooking surface for improved visibility. All settings are operated by a discreet push button control panel system.

If you’re looking for a custom ventilation hood for your kitchen request a quote today from our team of ventilation experts at