14 Kitchen + Bath Products Manufactured in America

Believe it or not, sleek, beautiful, and high-quality kitchen and bath products don’t always need to be shipped in from across the pond.

From faucets and fixtures to lighting and cabinetry, the U.S. is home to a number of companies manufacturing high-performance kitchen and bath wares that stand up to foreign standards.

These companies are proud of their American roots: Viking Range, for example, was recently featured at a White House event showcasing “incredible workers and companies who make ‘Made in America’ the world standard for quality and craftsmanship,” the company says.

Meanwhile, Mansfield Plumbing points out that it is “one of only three companies still operating pottery plants domestically,” and Strasser Woodenworks crafts its cabinetry and furniture exclusively from American hardwoods, including cherry, maple, red oak, and alder.

In honor of Labor Day, here is a sampling of 14 kitchen and bath essentials that are made in America.

4. BlueStar, Pennsylvania

Building off of its signature collection of colorful ranges, the company has introduced a French door refrigerator in its more than 750 color options and 10 metal trims. The refrigerators offer stainless steel interiors, dual compressors, a customizable interior configuration, and a fully extending bottom shelf. An articulating door hinge allows for both built-in and flush mounting.