7 Appliances That Provide Just The Right Pop Of Color

Customization is king at BlueStar. Clients can choose from over 1,000 colors in their “Build Your Own BlueStar” program. The counter-depth french door refrigerator and freezer combo has adjustable glass shelves, large-capacity drawers, and LED lighting and digital display.

“Builders can ensure that appliances will withstand time by either pairing bold colors with classic designs that won’t go out of style and fit within a variety of aesthetics, or by specifying classic confident colors such as orange and red,” Bertazzoni says. “That way, they serve as the anchor for the space regardless of future trends or updates to the kitchen.”

If a builder wants to go all out, Creamer recommends using a reputable designer who can work with eccentric colors such as lilac or salmon. “Paler colors typically are easier to dip your toes in the water, but doing a kitchen in all red really requires someone who knows what they’re doing,” Creamer adds. “I’ve seen designers use colors that I wouldn’t think would be great, and they were done really well.”

Pink Bluestar french door refrigerator