Kitchen Trends In 2021

I decided it would be “fun” to read the intro of last year’s kitchen trend post before I started to write this one. Let’s just say it was “fun” in the same way that it’s fun to look back at your diary from high school – comical, cringe-y, and you’re constantly thinking, “Oh baby, you don’t even KNOW what’s ahead of you.” HA. I think we can all say we did not under any circumstances know what was ahead of us. So because of our truly “unprecedented” 2020 year, it may or may not surprise you that a good amount of the predicted trends never really took off. Why? Well, the pandemic made us look at design differently. Comfort and real longevity were at the top of everyone’s list. Investing in things that were “hip” for the sakes of being cool felt and still feels quite literally like the least important thing in the world.

Sure we still want ideas that are new and exciting because if you are reading this post you too are a design lover. Don’t worry we have lots of ideas for you to sink your teeth into. But I think this post will be surprisingly refreshing in that it’s far more inspirational than aspirational. Kitchens are BIG this year and this year’s trends are far more doable which gives actual, tangible ideas (unlike some from years before… looking at you, cylinder hoods even though you were and are awesome).