BlueStar® is relaunching our pro-style ventilation line with enhanced features including professional-level power, intuitive controls and new innovative designs for a unique statement in any home kitchen. We are also bringing together our existing hood lines, including the Prizer Hoods and Abbaka brands, under the venerable BlueStar® name.

Atlas Style Ventilation Hood from BlueStar

When purchasing professional-grade appliances most of us think about ventilation options last, when it really is the starting point for a remodel or new build. Professional-level cooking equipment needs to be paired with correct ventilation to maximize results.  Commercial-style cooking appliances produce more heat and higher flames than their lower-power counterparts.  It’s critical to choose a kitchen ventilation hood that can keep up.

The location and ability to properly vent can quickly dictate the overall kitchen and appliance layout.  Although hoods serve a very specific function of pulling out cooking odors, grease and smoke, they can have a strong design appeal that will help create a focal point for the kitchen – and be the statement piece that anchors the entire space.

The new and improved BlueStar® ventilation line features a completely upgraded internal ventilation system for enhanced performance and ease of use. The powerful three-speed fan features a delayed stop to ensure superior heat and smoke removal and optimize grease capture. A fourth Power Boost speed can be selected for high-smoke cooking. The innovative multi-stage grease capture system starts with durable, dishwasher safe, stainless steel baffle filters that improve air flow and capture cooking grease. The second stage is an inner shield that works to distribute air flow evenly across the entire cooking surface while capturing any grease that may come through. Finally, an easily removable grease tray collects any final residual grease. The new energy-efficient LED lighting, with dimmable capabilities, perfectly highlights your cooking surface for improved visibility. All settings are operated by a discreet push button control panel system.

The NEW ventilation liner system from BlueStar

Our ventilation hoods provide optimal exhaust with whisper-quiet operation that does not interfere with conversation while entertaining. Choose from either high performance internal, in-line or remote blowers. All blowers are designed to complement our high-BTU cooking products. Internal blowers are available in 600 and 1200CFMs; in-line blowers are available in 600 and 1200CFMs and our industry-leading Hy-Ex remote blowers are available in 1000 and 1400 CFMs. The line accommodates top or rear discharge to meet the demands of any kitchen. All hoods are available in 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 66” widths or custom sizes.

From a design perspective there are three different types of ventilation hoods. Wall hoods are the most common application for kitchens. This type of ventilation hood is directly affixed to the wall and may have a decorative chimney, or soffit, to line up with the top of your cabinets or to “disappear” into your ceiling.

Bonanza Style Wall Hood from BlueStar

Island Hoods, are popular for those centralizing their cooking appliances. This type of range hood hangs from the ceiling over an island or peninsula. You may choose to hang it higher to avoid blocking any view and if so, it will need more coverage than compared to a wall mount. As a general rule, but especially when you specify the Island Hoods, we recommend at least an additional three inches on either side, so a 30″ stove would require a 36″ hood. It also will need more CFM to compensate for the extra height and for breezes passing through your kitchen.

The NEW ventilation liner system from BlueStar

Liners are the most custom option. These power packs contain the “guts” of a hood including the blower, grease traps, lights and controls. They are intended mainly for use in kitchen designs that are using cabinetry or wood shells. They fit into your own creation or into a shell of wood, plaster or metal manufactured by others.

The NEW ventilation liner system from BlueStar

In addition to providing cutting-edge performance, the new and improved ventilation line offers unmatched customization. Every hood can be painted in over 1,000+ colors and finishes or built with 13 different metals including stainless steel, brass or copper. Mix and match kitchen finishes or other BlueStar® kitchen appliances in almost endless combinations; combine with distinctive hardware such as utensil rails, strapping or rivets for maximum impact. For the ultimate in luxury hoods, BlueStar® hoods also can be customized to the customer’s precise design and specifications for the perfect focal point in any kitchen design.

The NEW ventilation liner system from BlueStar

To customize, start with a shape that is appealing. Then, match the color to other appliances, or trim in the metal finishes that are throughout the rest of the kitchen with strapping and rivets. Or potentially introduce a new metal or finish, such as brass, copper or pewter that will accent the design. This is where you can get very creative and specify a stunning ventilation hood.  The design possibilities are seemingly endless.

All hoods are handcrafted in Pennsylvania with precision on state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistency and quality. Built to meet professional standards inside and out, our hoods combine world-class design with the latest in professional ventilation technology.