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June 2, 2016:

When designing our kitchens most of us are looking to create a style that will be trendy, but also last longer than a season or two.  It seems many design trends are “here today, gone tomorrow” which can make it scary to fully commit to a color, metal finish or complete kitchen layout.  With BlueStar® you can add a touch of color to your kitchen without having to commit to something you may grow tired of in a few years.


BlueStar® is known for its over 750+ colors and finishes, but what you may not know is that there are also in excess of 190 colors that can be added to just the knobs of the gas range, range top or wall oven.  These customization options allow you to be as bold or as subtle as you want to be when creating your kitchen design.  Make your BlueStar® the eye catching centerpiece of your kitchen by painting the entire unit or add just a hint of color with painted knobs that blend seamlessly other pieces throughout the space.


Chef Ford Fry's 48" Platinum Series Range with Azure Blue Knobs


If you’re still worried that you’ll tire of a specific color over time don’t be.  BlueStar knobs are easily removable and can be changed out with very little effort.  For example, you can have yellow knobs on the unit for a light airy look in summer and then change them to a darker color for the cold winter months.  You can even mix and match red and green knobs around the holidays to make your range part of your festive decorations.  The possibilities are almost as endless the color options available.  We also offer custom colors so you can match your knobs to almost anything you have in your kitchen.

Our collection of renowned All-Star Chefs are fans of adding colored knobs to their ranges for just this reason.  Chef Ryan Scott went bold with Zinc Yellow (RAL 1018) knobs for a fun splash of color to break up the neutral colors in his Northern California kitchen.  While Chef Ford Fry in Atlanta chose a subtle Azure Blue (RAL 5009) that blended seamlessly into his classic southern home.  These additions of color to their kitchens, although minimal, create a style that is almost as unique as their individual cooking styles.


Watch as Chef Ryan Scott gives you a tour of his BlueStar kitchen


Add an additional layer of luxury with our ten metal trim finishes to further accentuate this touch of color.  The addition of the brass trim is the perfect complement to any number of colors such as Olive Green (RAL 6003), Wine Red (RAL3005), Dahlia Yellow (RAL1033) or Pigeon Blue (RAL5014).


Baker Aliyyah Baylor's 48" BlueStar range with custom copper trim


Customizing with color shouldn’t be something to be afraid of.  Embrace it and celebrate your own personal style every time you cook.  BlueStar offers you the chance to be as bold or as subtle as you want with its almost unlimited customization options.  Want to see what your favorite color looks like on a BlueStar?  Visit our interactive Build Your Own BlueStar tool now and create the range of your dreams.


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