An Insider’s Look into the Home Kitchens of 4 Famous Chefs

September 28, 2016:

We all know that top celebrity chefs have access to all the cutting edge equipment in their restaurants. But, when it comes to their own home kitchens, how do professional chefs make sure they can deliver for their guests? And what are some off-the-beaten path design and product choices that make all the difference in cooking and entertaining like a pro at home?

To find out, take a peek into the home kitchens of well-known chefs. BlueStar sat down with four of America’s most celebrated chefs get the inside scoop on unique selections for these very personal spaces.

Chef Bobby Flay – New York, NY

Chef Bobby Flay in his NYC kitchen featuring a 60" BlueStar range

Chef Bobby Flay is one of America’s most well-known chefs and can be seen almost nightly on his numerous shows on the Food Network.  When designing his new home in the heart of New York City he wanted to stay true to the building’s roots as a former sugar factory.  Throughout his home there are numerous reminders of the space’s industrial roots.

Four unique features from Bobby Flay's New York Kitchen

The first thing Chef Flay had to have in his kitchen was equipment that performed as well as what he had in his restaurants which is why he chose a 60” BlueStar Platinum Series gas range and 66” Prizer Hoods Hampton style hood (Image 1).  He loves the superior power of the burners and extra-large oven capacity that fits full-size sheet pans. Plus the stainless steel range with custom antique brass trim seamlessly blends into the industrial-chic design.  Next he included a 14’ island (Image 2) that he says is an indispensable part of his kitchen and gives him plenty of extra space for prepping, serving and seating. The custom mercury washed lamps (Image 3) can also be seen in his restaurant Gato and is a focal point in an already stunning, commercial-style kitchen.  Finally, when looking for inspiration he looks no further than his custom-built spice rack (Image 4).  Chef Flay says “Being able to see them while I cook inspires me to season differently.”


Chef Michael Symon – Cleveland, OH

Chef Michael Symon in his Cleveland, OH BlueStar Kitchen

Iron Chef, The Chew host and cookbook author Michael Symon is always traveling, so when he finally gets to go home to Cleveland he wants a kitchen where he could relax and cook for family and friends.

Four unique features from Chef Michael Symon's Cleveland, OH kitchenChef Symon loves to cook at home and custom designed his range to deliver.  His bespoke 60” BlueStar RNB Series features extra power (25K BTU burners) – the chef  loves to see the heat as opposed to a dial telling him how hot it is – and a 24” French Top (Image 1).  Chef Symon really likes the variable and consistent heat on a French top – it allows him to cook dishes with multiple pots and temperature requirements.  Every chef knows you need quality cookware and Chef Symon loves to have his at the ready.  This custom pot rack (Image 2) lets him display the works of his craft and adds a restaurant feel to the kitchen.  The former owner’s prayer room (Image 3) has been converted into a wine room to display his wife’s label Lulu62. Finally, the host of Burgers, Brew & Que is known for his love of bacon – in his home kitchen Symon displays his love of the pig with figurines like this (Image 4).


Chef Jose Garces – Bucks County, PA

Iron Chef Jose Garces at his Bucks County home featuring a BlueStar kitchen

Chef Jose Garces has dozens of restaurants but when he’s looking to relax his heads to the country.  Less than hour outside of Philadelphia, Luna Farm is inviting and rustic – and perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Four unique features from Chef Jose Garces' Bucks County kitchen

Even in this small country kitchen, Garces maximized the space with as much commercial-style cooking equipment as possible.  Chef Garces outfitted his country home with a 48” BlueStar gas range, two 30” gas wall ovens and a 48” Prizer Hoods Wrangler style hood.  The Pure White cooking appliances add the perfect pop in a kitchen dominated by dark woods and brass (Image 1). Luna Farm (Image 2) is not just a weekend retreat but also serves as the source of the fresh foods and herbs served in his restaurants.  His menus are dominated by seasonal foods that he grows at the farm.   Eschewing the normal kitchen island, Chef Garces opted for an island on wheels (Image 3) that can be rolled in when entertaining but stored elsewhere to save space.  Finally, his favorite feature on his BlueStar gas range is the plancha or integrated griddle (Image 4). It’s the star quarterback of making weekend breakfasts memorable; it can handle a big batch of arepas or pancakes.


Chef Ford Fry – Atlanta, GA

Chef Ford Fry from Atlanta, GA

This popular chef is as busy as ever.  Chef Ford Fry is an Atlanta institution as the owner of almost a dozen restaurants in the city.  His home just outside of Atlanta is his retreat from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen where he gets to spend valuable time with his family.

Four unique features from Chef Ford Fry's BlueStar kitchen

Chef Fry chose his 48” BlueStar Platinum Series gas range (Image 1) for the BTUs.  “Way too many ‘commercial’ ranges just look commercial.  I wanted the same power I get at work.”  He also added a pop of color with custom Azure Blue knobs, just one of BlueStar’s over 750+ color options.  The focal point of Chef Fry’s kitchen? The tiles (Image 2) that he first saw at Locanda in San Francisco.  If faced with an emergency Chef Fry says the only thing he’d take with him is something to grill with, but until that happens he has this amazing indoor grill (Image 3); it’s actually a rustic hearth for fire-roasting meat and vegetables.  One of Chef Fry’s features of his BlueStar gas range is the Interchangeable Griddle (Image 4) that he says cooks as good and evenly as those in his restaurants .

Now that you’ve learned how the celeb chefs cook at home, it’s time to design your dream range customized to YOUR look and cooking preferences.  Click here to building it now.


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