Kitchen Appliance Color Trends for Fall / Winter

Posted: August 21, 2017

Hello Autumn!  Fall is the time for rich, warm and cozy colors that mirror the changing colors of the season.

No element of home decorating is more discussed or evaluated than color.  Each season interior design experts and forecasters weigh in with predictions of up-and-coming colors in the industry. At BlueStar, we offer almost endless possibilities for translating current fashion trends into practical kitchen décor with a new, complete commercial-style suite of appliances, including premium refrigeration, for the home.

To highlight what colors will be trending this fall, we have teamed up with Interior Designer Jill Calo of Payne & Payne Builders, our 2017 Kitchen Designer of the Year, to bring you the hues you’ll be seeing everywhere this fall/winter.  This collection is comprised of strong classic colors complemented by a few unpredictable shades. According to Jill, “Unexpected combinations such as Pastel and Purple Violets and rich Azure Blues are eye-arresting and create an unusual color dichotomy,” she said.

Check out this on-trend palette here:

What’s Hot for Fall 2017

Pastel Violet (RAL 4009) can be the star attraction in the kitchen, said Calo, when used on one main appliance in the kitchen, such as a gas range or double wall oven, and pairs beautifully with light natural wood cabinets, and light countertops.  Purple Violet (RAL 4007) suggests the color of a full-bodied wine and is a perfect accent tile in a small area, especially when combined with clean white countertops and medium grey cabinets.

BlueStar 48-inch Platinum Series Ranges in Pastel Violet and Purple Violet

Platinum Grey (RAL 7036) is still one of the hottest colors of the year for kitchens. This color is subtle enough to use for all appliances in a complete kitchen suite.

48-inch Platinum Series Range from BlueStar in Platinum Grey

Winter is Coming

The winter palate is inspired by Blue Agate (RAL 5012), which is made from microcrystalline Quartz.  “We have been seeing azure blues from the fashion runways to weddings to home décor,” said Calo. “This blue can be applied to furnishings, countertops, framed décor and textiles.”  Plus of course looks stunning on a Platinum Range.

BlueStar Range and Refrigerator in Agate Blue

Azure Blue (RAL 5009) is an intense color and can be striking in a backsplash which can be backlit for a modern feel. “For a dramatic look, I would pair this blue with black cabinets and copper accents, such as the handles on the appliances,” said Calo.

Cobalt Blue (RAL 5013) is a classic variation of this shade that will stand the test of time.

BlueStar Platinum Series Range in Cobalt Blue

Pair with white cabinets or even dark grey for a stunning, on-trend look.

Remember this advice from our team of designers: use color to create a stunning focal point in your home kitchen with a freestanding range and kitchen hood or refrigerator.  Either saturate an entire surface (or appliance) with a rich hue, or choose colored knobs for a look that is trend-forward and easily swappable.  Continue to customize to your personal taste and cooking preference – from the configuration of the cooktop to the power of the burners.

Create your own BlueStar freestanding range or refrigerator now at our interactive Build Your Own BlueStar tool now.