How to Update Your Kitchen Design with New Matte Finishes

October 3, 2016:

BlueStar teams up with celebrated kitchen designer Heidi Piron, to create a brand new Matte color collection for kitchen appliances in 8 unique hues

A new addition such as a pop of color from a gas range, can instantly update your kitchen in so many ways.  Right now, matte colors are popping up everywhere in trend-forward industries like automotive, make up, and fashion because of their versatility and sophistication.

Matte Trends in Auto, Fashion and Make-up

Naturally these colors have moved into the kitchen and when paired with metallics or high-gloss glazes, they create a statement making design for the most important room in the home.

BlueStar recently teamed up with celebrated designer Heidi Piron, winner of BlueStar’s 2016 Design Contest and owner of Heidi Piron Design and Cabinetry in Chatham, NJ, to design an all-new line of 8 matte colors available on all BlueStar series of ranges, ovens, ventilation hoods and even knobs.

The New BlueStar Matte Color Collection

Each of these colors brings a unique design concept that can be utilized as a mild pop of color or a more neutral feel.  The Matte Collection features a strong mix of layers and contrast to make a kitchen special.

According to Piron, “a really good mix of layers and contrast makes a kitchen special.  I like a combination of matte and glossy, dark and light and smooth and textured.  The matte option allows design freedom to create a more interesting look.  I don’t believe that matte is a ‘trend’ that will ever go away.  It is just being used more frequently as design evolves.”

Our goal with this new collection is to give home chefs even more opportunity to unleash their inner designer and create a truly individual, bespoke kitchen design.

Check out the new Matte Collection here:


BlueStar 48" Platinum Series Range in Matte Blue

Matte Sapphire Blue

Just like your favorite blue jeans, this matte blue would complement most kitchen designs.  This color adds cool and delightful ambiance with a great impact.  This color also provides the added benefit of durability and long-lasting effect, especially in busy family kitchens where friends and family gather around the home chef.  This matte blue would be great to use in an open kitchen on a 60″ Platinum range that everyone gathers around during parties and holidays.


BlueStar 48" Platinum Series Range in Matte Grey

Matte Silk Grey

This is the new white kitchen, a warm grey.  Grey is the most popular color of the season, it has a a less severe and sophisticated nature compared to white and black making this color one of the hottest trends.  Using a warm grey on your kitchen cabinets will help with the flow of the kitchen.  This color looks stunning with stain brass hardware as well as polished nickel or even matte black hardware.  You should look to use a white countertop for a contrast (light & dark) with this combination.  It will give a delicate and classy feel to your space.  Combine it with lighter grey shades to create a warmer room or darker grey shades to give a visual and dynamic impact.  This color would look great on a pair of electric wall ovens that add to the neutral colors in your kitchen.


BlueStar 48" Platinum Series Range in Matte White

Matte Signal White

The Classic White.  Matte white would be best used on a 24″ gas range or oven in a small galley kitchen combined with timeless white cabinets.  In small spaces you should look for the small details that still separate the kitchen design apart from others such as the flat appearance of matte colors.


BlueStar 48" Platinum Series Range in Matte Wine Red

Matte Wine Red

A deep Merlot wine red on a range would certainly be a “hook” for any kitchen.  I feel this would looking stunning with warm wood tone cabinets, life a rift cut oak.  I see this as the final finishing touch for a kitchen – just like a great scarf or piece of jewelry.  It would certainly take a kitchen from good to great.


BlueStar 48" Platinum Series Range in Matte Red Orange

Matte Red Orange

While this color is certainly not neutral, it would be a striking contrast with a warm white painted cabinet with satin brass hardware.


BlueStar 48" Platinum Series Range in Matte Moss Green

Matte Moss Green

Matte green has been popping up in many kitchens recently.  These greens range from sage, olive and grey green holding true to the neutrality of using matte colors.  When using matte green we recommend combining it with dandy marble (has a hint of sage green in the stone), calcutta marble or white caesar stone.  Use this color in a kitchen that contains natural elements such as wood or stone and that have an adequate amount of natural light.


BlueStar 48" Platinum Series Range in Matte Pink

Matte Light Pink

Pink is no longer just for a kid’s room.  Rose Quartz, one of this season’s hottest colors, gives a cool and charming appearance to the room with its chic and fashionable ambiance.  Such pastel colors should be balanced by other design elements.


BlueStar 48" RNB Series Range in Matte Black

Matte Black

Being a neutral, black is never not in style, but it’s sure enjoying a moment in the spotlight right now – especially in its subtle matte form.  One place in particular that we’re seeing a lot of matte black is in the kitchen.  Being as versatile as it is, matte black can be incorporated into an interior in so many ways.  It can be incredibly dramatic, can act as an accent, or really ground an otherwise airy space.  It’s timeless yet modern at the same time.

Quick design note: it is important to look for a contrasting combination within the design.  The featuring of matte with glossy, dark with light, and smooth with textured can really make a kitchen standout.  The matte option allows design freedom to create a more interesting design.  Kitchens are unlike any other spaces in the home and BlueStar’s color capability allows designers and home owners to create the beautiful designs they demand in the 21st century.

The new Matte Collection joins our other BlueStar® curated groupings of unique finishes to stimulate the design process, including the popular Precious Metals featuring Infused Copper, Statuary Bronze and other metallics; as well as the gem-inspired Jewel Tones and the award-winning Textures Collection.  All of our color collections are available on all BlueStar series of products and select colors can even be added to knobs.

For additional customization, check out our interactive Build Your Own BlueStar tool and create your own bespoke range today. Have you already designed with BlueStar? Show off your stunning kitchen concepts by submitting them to BlueStar’s Design Contest.


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