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November 30, 2012:

Now you can experience the power of BlueStar™ without ever leaving your home. The new interactive demo on our website lets you explore 9 unique features that make BlueStar™ the best range for your home kitchen, and the choice of professional chefs.

From the precision controlled knobs that fire up the UltraNova® 22,000 BTU burner to the unparalleled performance of its convection oven, BlueStar™ ranges put you in control. You can explore the stovetop that lets you sauté, simmer, and sear meats like a pro. Open the oven doors for a peak into the extra-large oven capacity, with room enough for a commercial 18” x 26“ baking sheet. And, see how the BlueStar™ convection oven is uniquely designed for even baking so cookies and cakes come out perfect every time.

The interactive demo lets you get a close-up of the range professional chefs want. From its unparalleled performance, to its durable American-made design, the BlueStar™ range is a powerful and stylish addition to any kitchen. Experience the power of BlueStar™ now with the interactive demo.

48" Nova Series Range from BlueStar


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