How to Get the Outdoor Grilling Flavor…Indoors

Posted: February 7, 2017

One of the favorite past times of summer is grilling outdoors, but just because the weather is cold and dreary doesn’t mean you have to go without those delicious results.  The Wall Street Journal recently featured options that will allow you to bring the grilling indoors, and BlueStar offers a couple of exciting products that are perfect for this.  Just like high end grills that feature superior construction and commercial-style performance, our indoor products do the same.

Grilling on the Platinum Interchangeable Charbroiler

The Interchangeable Griddle on the BlueStar Platinum Series

Our Platinum Series gas ranges and rangetops feature the revolutionary Interchangeable Griddle Charbroiler that allows you the cooking flexibility to make pancakes in the morning and then steaks at night simply by changing out the cooking surface.  When utilizing the grilling feature on the unit you are able to replicate some of the key elements of outdoor grilling right inside your kitchen.

In outdoor grilling one of the most important processes that occurs is vaporization which is when the fat from the meat you’re cooking hits something creating steam.  This steam essentially “smokes” the meat in its own fat enhancing its already delicious flavor.  The Platinum Series Interchangeable Charbroiler features a unique heat deflector plate that recreates this vaporization effect when the juices of the meat you’re cooking drip down on it creating this flavor enhancing effect.

Secondly the charbroiler on the Platinum Series gas range features duel zone cooking.  The 25,000 and 22,000 BTU burners in the front of the range provide optimum power for a high heat sear creating the caramelization that locks in the meats juices.  You can then move the meat to the lower powered 15,000 BTU burners in the rear to finish.  These duel zones are key since without them you would burn the outside of the meat before it reaches the proper internal temperature.

Getting Steakhouse Quality Results in Your Home Kitchen

The BlueStar Salamander Broiler

The Salamander Broiler allows you to create the restaurant experience without ever having to leave your home.  The Salamander’s 11,000 BTU infrared broilers deliver ideal, easy-to-adjust heat, from gentle broiling to 1850°F of intense searing heat across 215 square inches of cooking space.  The four-position grilling rack and adjustable burners allow you to cook with a heat that is perfect for the dish you’re preparing.  From “Pittsburgh rare” steaks, to crispy chicken, to delicately broiled crab cakes you will get perfect results in virtually half the time.  It was even featured by the Wall Street Journal in an article asking if the kitchen is the new man cave.

With these innovative products from BlueStar, you no longer have to look at a grilled steak as a luxury you only get to enjoy during the summer months.  Learn more about these products now at



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