Introducing the BlueStar Induction Cooktop

Posted: June 28, 2017

Cooking technology continues to evolve as consumers look for more efficient ways to cook.  The fastest way to achieve chef level results at home is with induction.  Induction cooking is activated when a magnetic pot or pan comes in contact with the magnets of the burner creating a magnetic field.  The energy created then does exactly what we want it to do – heat the pan.  For years this has been the preferred electric cooking method in Europe and for the last 5 years induction is gaining a lot of popularity in the US, thanks to its efficiency, speed, control, keen safety features and minimalistic design.  Plus, built with ceramic or glass surfaces, induction cooktops are easy be clean with a simple damp cloth. When compared to gas, induction is 80% more efficient, it is even more efficient than the leading electric cooktops.
The NEW 36-inch Induction Cooktop from BlueStarBlueStar proudly introduces our 36” Induction Cooktop – designed for the discerning home chef with powerful features for the ultimate cooking experience.  Our 5-burner cooktop comes with a variety of powerful burners for the ultimate in versatility.  The main center burner goes up to a searing 5,500 Watts, perfectly fits 10” pots or pans and boils a gallon of water in less than 4 minutes – much faster than even the highest powered gas BTU burner!  Gentle simmer capabilities allow you to go down to 200 degrees for more delicate cooking – or use the keep warm feature for entertaining ease.  All the cooking zones are equipped with heat accelerator function. The cooking zone starts at full power for a certain amount of time, then automatically reduces until it reaches the pre-selected power level – for the ultimate no-wait cooking.  Have the ultimate temperature control with 12 cooking settings on every burner – get from a rapid boil to a gentle simmer and back again all on the same burner.  The bottom of your cookware heats uniformly for even cooking across your entire cooking surface, no more hot spots or rotating food.  Finally, our seamless 2-burner bridging technology creates the ultimate large size burner perfect for grilling or searing with our Dual Zone Cast Iron Griddle.

Dual Zone Griddle Accessory for the 36-inch Induction Cooktop from BlueStar


BlueStar’s intuitive design includes sleek push-to-turn knobs that can be customized in any of our 190 standard colors, plus 10 trim options to match to any kitchen décor.  All indicator lighting is a crisp natural white.  Safety and cleaning ease are some of the additional attractive features of induction.  BlueStar’s have an easy knob lock safety feature, plus advance pan detection so the burner will not work without contact – making induction a great choice for homes with small children.  When done cooking a no-touch hot surface indictor light will illuminate.  Finally, our scratch resistant, non-staining glass top makes cleaning a breeze, even in the event of a big spill, simply wipe clean.

36-inch BlueStar Induction Cooktop customized with blue knobs

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