9 Household Appliance Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Restaurant-Quality and Design-Centric Appliances for Busy Home Cooks

Our ranges have likely seen more meals cooked on them this year than any other before it, and restaurant-quality appliances are becoming more and more in-demand for consumers. These appliances are also getting a fresh update design-wise, as many of them are becoming more customizable to fit your design aesthetic and make for a more stylish kitchen.

We can’t wait to experience BlueStar Dual (shown here), a new line of dual-fuel ranges that feature unique star-shaped burners to flawlessly combine high heat with subtle simmer, that is set to debut this fall. Whether you’re looking to perfectly sear a steak or master tempering chocolate, this workhorse is here to help. GE’s Monogram line is also introducing striking professional ranges this spring with restaurant-quality culinary abilities and luxurious finishes, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and customizable task lighting. Swoon.