Lucky Green Appliances For St. Patrick’s Day + Beyond

Recently there has been a surge in new and custom-colored appliances. People are interested in putting their own style on their kitchens and appliances are now a great way to express that. In the last several years there are a variety of new colors being offered by appliance companies.

BlueStar's first ever Color of the Year for 2021, Light Aqua Green.

Janice Costa, President & Founder of KB Designers Network says – “Color was one of the hottest trends we saw among the products launched at KBIS this year, and blues and greens were high on everyone’s wish list, with shades ranging from bold emerald green and deep forest hues to a softer mint green and blended shades of green/blue, or a touch of green added to the ever-popular grey.”

With many people opting for white cabinetry, colored appliances add a fun and whimsical flair to the kitchen. And there are so many colors and shades to choose from.

Color options have changed over the years. The colors of appliances in the 1950s were pastel – pink, mint green, turquoise, pale yellow, and blue. Colors in nature became popular in the 1970s with green, bright green and avocado green, particularly popular in appliances. Harvest gold and burnt orange were also popular in that time period. The 1980s brought several new colors – black, white, indigo, forest green, burgundy, and different shades of browns, tans, and oranges. In all of these periods – some shade of green was in the mix.

Today, the sky’s the limit on color options for appliances. Many companies are offering a wide variety of colors and several of them are offering custom colors. Green has consistently been in the mix. According to the President of Big Chill Appliances, Hillary Frei – “The color green represents tranquility, which we all wish to achieve in our homes, especially these days. The kitchen, one of the most popular spaces in the home, and most trafficked can often be a jumping-off point for establishing an ambiance or leading aesthetic, making color choice paramount. By using green, whether on appliances, cabinets or else wise, the tone is set toward tranquility and a calm, nature-oriented space.”

According to leading color expert & interior designer Kim Lewis, Kim Lewis Designs, who selected the shade BlueStar color of the year, “As we look forward to 2021, we are craving a color that is fresh and vibrant, but still relatable, compassionate and calming. With so much uncertainty in the past year, our hope is that Light Aqua Green will be unifying, agreeable and secure.”

BlueStar President Eliza Sheffield says, “Our customer spends a lot of time in the kitchen, experimenting, nurturing and creating. During this past year, there is a heightened feeling that home is a haven, our safe place. No element of home design is as important, or more discussed, or evaluated than color. Color is essential for lifting the spirit and feeding the soul, which is why we offer so many options to inspire any lifestyle or personality. The Light Aqua Green feels both exciting and tranquil, and can easily be used to create a stunning focal point in any home kitchen.”

Small appliances are also showing up in green these days to add a punch of color to the kitchen. For those who just want a small punch of color in their kitchen – there are the small appliances that sit on the counter. They include such items such as small ovens, blenders, toasters and so on.