The Best American-Made Products for Your Kitchen

Cooks across the country, it’s your time to shine. That goes for your gear, too. To celebrate and support homegrown talent, we’ve gathered the best, most built-to-last tools and tableware produced right here in the USA. From pots and pans to chopping boards to cake stands to dessert plates, these items deserve a prime spot in your kitchen or on the dining table this holiday season and for years to come. In this collection you’ll find enduring classic, venerable, and often family-owned companies producing kitchen essentials like measuring jugs, flatware, and humble kitchen towels. But we’re also highlighting bold newcomers who are making the next generation of cast iron skillets and ceramics.

While we’re touting American-made products, let us ask an important question: Did you know that many of the most coveted icons of American domestic life are proudly made, well, domestically? Viking stoves are produced in the small delta town of Greenwood, Mississippi, where the beloved brand has its own hotel, spa, and cooking school. Wisconsin-based Sub Zero, established in 1945, grew out of founder Westye Bakke’s need to store his son’s diabetes medicine at very low temperature. His solution: the first freestanding freezer. In 2000, the company added a hot commodity to their portfolio: Wolf’s top-of-the-line kitchen ranges. Though the Blue Star range came to market only in 2002, its maker, Prizer-Painter Stove Works from Reading, Pennsylvania, has been in operation since 1880, when coal stoves were the norm. And Vitamix blenders have been made in Olmstead, Ohio, since 1948 by the Barnard family, now in its fourth generation at the helm. The company is also responsible for another American innovation: the infomercial. Vitamix produced the first example of the much parodied ad genre back in 1949.