The era of patterned kitchen appliances is coming

Be prepared: We are on the brink of a modern kitchen revolution.

The co-ord kitchen of your future dreams is possible through an innovative printing service designed by the kitchen appliance manufacturer, BlueStar, which is the first process of its kind.

In late spring, the Pennsylvania – based company will launch their printing process to customers who want to synchronize their kitchen appliances to match their wallpaper, favorite artwork, or simply, any pattern they desire. The service works as you might imagine- you send the company a high-resolution image, and they custom the print across the appliance of your choice.

BlueStar By Design

‘Imagine the possibilities. Match not only any color, but create any pattern or print, apply any photograph, or replicate an original work of art for a design that is not only extremely personal to the homeowner but can be a signature piece for the interior designer,’ declared Eliza Sheffield, President at BlueStar.

While you may be reluctant to match your appliances to a wallpaper print, you might be tempted to change sometime in the not- so distant future; BlueStar has revealed that you can re-start with a clean canvas. Therefore, you will never have to feel trapped with the same pattern for the lifespan of your appliance- unless you order a customized fridge, as these are permanent.

Ann Muth, Director of Marketing, at BlueStar also discussed this original printing process, sharing:

‘BlueStar has seen a rise in the desire for customization in the kitchen — from the configuration of the stovetop itself by mixing burner BTU performance and accessories like griddles and French tops to the design of the appliance. We offer over 1,000 colors, as well as any custom color.’

‘As people are spending more time in their homes and wanting to make it more personal, the opportunity to custom design an appliance gives designers the ability to create a truly bespoke kitchen space and give the client something very unique and original – and personal to them,’ she added.

Bluestar has unveiled their first examples, using patterns from Murals Wallpaper, in case you are looking for some inspiration to get started. Depending on the size of your appliance, these custom-made units cost between $2,000 to $3,000 (approx £1500 to £2200).

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