Fall Colors with BlueStar | Press Release Archive | Color Trends

October 16, 2012:

Autumn is all about color, and with BlueStar™ professional appliances, you can style your kitchen in this season’s “it” colors. From earthy fall neutrals to bold blues and oranges, BlueStar’s unmatched selection of  190 colors reflect the trends of fall, and let you bring the crisp colors of autumn right into your kitchen.

Choose from our selection of traditional fall colors like brown grey and beige to bring warmth and depth to your kitchen. Looking to have fun with the season’s bolder colors? We offer vibrant hues like Salmon Orange and Sky Blue to make your appliances really pop.

With BlueStar’s Build Your Own BlueStar tool, you can customize your BlueStar™ appliances to match your taste and décor. From the color, the burner intensity, and even the knobs, BlueStar™ lets you style and design a range all your own.

Color is a great way to bring the best of fall into your home design. Adding customized BlueStar appliances to your kitchen this autumn is sure to bring a burst of color you will love year round. Take a look at the photo gallery below for inspiration on how you can bring the colors of the season into your kitchen with a customized BlueStar range.

All BlueStar ranges are custom made to order in the USA and are available in 190 colors to match any kitchen décor.



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