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The cast of The Next Iron Chef Redemption

November 7, 2012:

BlueStar™ is proud to be the range of choice for the Food Network’s hit competitive cooking show The Next Iron Chef Redemption. For the title of the next Iron Chef, ten elite cooks compete in the Kitchen Stadium to create a multi-course gourmet meal that will wow the judges, and rank them among the best in America.

When it comes to cooking like a pro, what’s the ingredient that makes the biggest difference? It’s the range used, and with its unmatched performance and power, BlueStar™ is sure to turn up the heat in Kitchen Stadium.

There can only be one winner of Iron Chef, but with a BlueStar™ restaurant grade appliance in your home kitchen, you can cook like a pro, too. BlueStar’s UltraNova® burner delivers an intense 22,000 BTU flame that lets you sear meats like a Kitchen Stadium champ, and gently simmer sauces and soups on the complementary 130° simmer burner. Extra large oven capacity accommodates a commercial sized baking sheet, and removable racks give you cooking and cleaning flexibility. The durable, lasting build of each handcrafted BlueStar™ can handle the heat in any kitchen, no matter how hot the competition gets.

With a BlueStar™ range, the power of the pros comes straight from Kitchen Stadium and into your kitchen. Tune in to the Food Network to catch The Next Iron Chef Redemption, and see BlueStar™ ranges in action.



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