Discover Our Refrigerator with 41% More Produce Storage Space

Posted: October 12, 2017

When we asked refrigerator owners “What’s hard to store in your current refrigerator?”, one of the most frequent responses was produce!  While nearly every fridge has a dedicated produce compartment, refrigerator owners were clear that some were not meeting their needs.  In designing the new BlueStar 36” Built-In Refrigerator our team of engineers designed full width produce drawers that together give 41% more storage space for your produce than the leading 36” Built-In.  There is space for all kinds of produce from long to bulky to seasonal favorites.  

Now that it’s apple picking season we couldn’t resist stocking up on apples to make some of our  favorite apple-based dishes to share with friends and family.  We found the large drawer of the BlueStar Refrigerator holds an impressive 139 medium sized apples that’s more than a whole bushel of fresh, delicious apples!

How does it hold so many?

The over-sized storage capacity of the 36-inch Built-in Refrigerator from BlueStar

38% Deeper Drawers

The BlueStar Refrigerator boasts deep drawers, 38% deeper and 9% wider than the leading 36” Built-In, making it easier to stock-up on seasonal produce.  Located near the evaporator these strong, professional grade glass and metal drawers stay a few degrees colder than the rest of the refrigerator for maximum freshness.  Both drawers extend fully and are illuminated with soft bright LED lighting so you never lose anything in the back of the drawer and it’s easy to store and retrieve produce.  The soft close feature ensures the drawers smoothly glide closed even when fully stocked.

The full extension tray in the 36-inch Built-in Refrigerator from BlueStar

Space to Prep Favorite Seasonal Dishes (What to do with 139 apples)

Not only is there space to store more than a bushel of apples, there’s also plenty of space to prep and store all your favorite apple based recipes.  Whether it’s a favorite dessert like applesauce, caramelized apples or apple pies, or a favorite main meal like pork chops and baked apples, the spacious BlueStar Refrigerator has space to prep and store them all.  With 22.4 cu ft of capacity the new BlueStar Refrigerator has the largest capacity of any 36” Built -In.

Have a favorite apple-based appetizer or thinking of baking individual apple pies for dinner guests?  The BlueStar Refrigerator comfortably accommodates an 18″ x 26″ commercial sized baking sheet, so you can easily prep appetizers and pies then slide them right into the BlueStar oven without transferring between pans which often damages smaller, delicate foods.

The Granny Smith Clafoutis for All-Star Chef of All-Star Chef Ryan Scott

With over a bushel of apples there’s plenty on hand to try out a dish from a one of our favorite chef’s.  Including All-Star Chef Ryan Scott’s Apple Clafoutis or Chicken Cutlets with Potato Puree and Apple Slaw.

Just in case you want to save some of your favorite apple dishes for later, the BlueStar Refrigerator offers abundant and easy to organize freezer space.

The easy to organize freezer on the Built-in Refrigerator from BlueStar

Celebrate the Harvest with BlueStar

Now, with the BlueStar Refrigerator it’s easier than ever to enjoy and share the harvest season with friends and family by stocking up on seasonal produce, easily preparing seasonal foods and freezing favorites for later.

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