Our New Refrigerator Makes Back-to-School Stocking Up Easier!

Posted: September 15, 2017

Back-to-school season inevitably means stocking up to pack lunches and for family dinners at home.  Whether shopping at your local grocer or your favorite club store, stocking up on all the ingredients you need just got easier with the new BlueStar 36” Built-in Refrigerator.  The extra-large 22.4 cu ft capacity has the most interior storage space of any 36” Built-In Refrigerator, and the smart design helps keep foods and beverages organized and easy to navigate.

Check out how our New Refrigerator can hold everything for Back-To-School!

Maximum Interior Space

From bulk purchases to make ahead lunches and family dinners, the BlueStar refrigerator has space for everything. Two strong, professional grade glass and metal full width drawers, sturdy glass and metal door shelves and the fully customizable interior create the most interior storage space of any 36” refrigerator so it can hold everything you need to organize and prepare for Back-To-School.  (The leading 36” Built-In features small compartments, narrow shelves and light-weight drawers that limit useable capacity.)

The maximum interior space of the 36-inch BlueStar Refrigerator

Store Large and Bulky Foods

Whether it’s celery, carrots or large, club sized bunches of grapes to stash in lunch bags or fresh corn for dinner and strawberries for dessert, the large full width drawer comfortably accommodates the longest vegetables side by side with the largest bunches of fruits.  (The leading 36” Built-In relies on short drawers or partitions leaving large or long produce mixed-in with foods stored on middle shelves where they are less protected.  Or to store long produce into the available drawers means cutting them into small pieces before storing.)

The spacious drawer on the 36-inch BlueStar Refrigerator

Multi Packs Fit Right In

Stocking up on dairy items that get breakfast off to a healthy start or make perfect lunch snacks?  A full case of yogurt fits with ease, no need to unpack just slide it right in.  Egg sleeves stacked three high fit with space to spare. Multiple gallons of milk and tall containers of sour cream can be stored with ease.  With the BlueStar refrigerator there’s space to store all your favorite club store multi-packs.

The oversized capacity of the 36-inch Refrigerator from BlueStar

Prepare Ahead Lunches

The smart design of the BlueStar refrigerator even includes a small full width glass and metal drawer to helps keep things organized.  It’s the perfect size for making a week of lunches ahead of time so all you have to do is grab and go on the dash off to work and school.

The over-sized capacity of the drawer on the 36-inch Refrigerator from BlueStar

Easy to Organize Freezer

The freezer is equally spacious with flat metal surfaces that make it easy to stack your favorite bulk frozen foods.  From hamburger patties and frozen pizzas to vegetables and ice cream there’s space to store and organize essentials, last minute dinners and delicious treats.

The easy to organize freezer on the 36-inch BlueStar Refrigerator

Professional Quality Refrigeration at Home

The BlueStar refrigerator has the capacity and strength to hold everything.  Inspired by professional chefs and made with the highest quality materials, including 304 commercial grade stainless steel, BlueStar brings commercial grade refrigeration to your home kitchen.  Manufactured in the USA, it’s award-winning design and performance were created to delight serious home chefs.  The full width drawers that pull all the way out make it easy to store and reach everything inside.  The ramp up LED theater style lighting and stainless steel interior eliminate shadows and reflections making it easy to see everything inside.  Refrigeration that meets the pros standards – easy to organize and easy to navigate.

You Can Have it All!

You can have all the ingredients you need for Back-To-School on hand because the BlueStar 36” Built-In Refrigerator has space for everything (including that pizza from your favorite takeout restaurant).  


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