8 Appliance Trends

The New Column Refrigerators and Freezers from BlueStar

Commercial-Style Appliances for Cooking More Meals at Home

While consumers are looking for more decorative appliances, they still want to invest in workhorses, maybe now more than ever. Professional and commercial-grade options are widely available from the top appliance brands these days, like this panel-ready Bluestar recently launched a new collection of column refrigerators and freezers that bring commercial-style, professional-grade tools to the busy home chef while being stylish enough for the design enthusiast. These offerings can be mixed and matched in different sizes and finishes either side-by-side or individually to meet your exact storage and design needs.

de Guilio says it’s an “interesting dichotomy” when it comes to today’s kitchen appliance trends, as people are choosing to either completely integrate appliances with panels or using their appliances to be the focal points of the space.

“When we do that, we often use professional appliances—everything from ranges and range tops to refrigerators,” he says. “This category is a hybrid, combining the look and sculptural appeal of commercial cooking equipment in appliances that are residentially friendly. They offer greater power and performance, as well as perfect adjustability. For example, Wolf will demonstrate its simmer feature by placing a piece of paper on a burner with a piece of chocolate on it. The chocolate will melt, but the paper doesn’t burn.”